A Question (because, ya know, I'm totally incompetent x3)

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A Question (because, ya know, I'm totally incompetent x3)

Post by Bellatrix on Thu Sep 25, 2014 7:58 pm

How do you change your rank/even get one in the first place?

I noticed Tornado and Stealthy have theirs as "Survivor", Jewels' as Spilight Shipper, etc., and I see everyone (including me) with one that shows your club rank. (Kit, apprentice, deputy, medicine cat, etc.)

I was just wondering how this could be changed, whether it costs freshkill or you can just ask.
Also, I was wondering how the one with your club rank is first set up, because Islandpaw doesn't have one.


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Re: A Question (because, ya know, I'm totally incompetent x3)

Post by Pinesage on Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:55 pm

Sorry for not replying to this :I
I don't know if you're still meaning to ask this or not, or whatever the case, but I will anyway.

Tornado, Stealthy, Jewels, and all those people were all members of this site before it was more organized. Back then, almost everyone was an admin and could make and choose their own ranks.
Now, only select people (The staff: http://entertheforest.forumotion.com/g18-cc-staff and http://entertheforest.forumotion.com/g19-lc-staff ) can change the ranks of members.
I don't believe special non-club based ranks are allowed anymore, all though I'm not sure.
If you want to have your rank updated, or anyone else's, just ask one of the staff or maybe post on this thread. (When I first saw this thread I went ahead and fixed Islandpaw's rank, btw. :3)


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