The Online Forum/Chat RP - Chat Log

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The Online Forum/Chat RP - Chat Log

Post by Whitefeather on Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:20 am

OK, so I actually made an actual chat as part of this RP. As a result, I felt a need to make a thread to post/store logs from that chat in. :3 (Discussion of the chat is allowed here, too.)

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Re: The Online Forum/Chat RP - Chat Log

Post by Whitefeather on Wed Aug 02, 2017 2:12 am

Admin started the chat 28 minutes ago

AwesomeOskar28 joined the chat 3 minutes ago

AwesomeOskar28: Whoa

AwesomeOskar28: I'm the first one to try the chat O_O

Admin: Yeah :)

Dragonette joined the chat

Dragonette: dang

AwesomeOskar28: Hi :3

Dragonette: lol hi

SquidSisters4Ever entered for the first time

Dragonette: i wanted to be the first one

SquidSisters4Ever: Hi!

Dragonette: how dare you come on first >:(

Dragonette: oh hi haha

AwesomeOskar28: Sorry o.o

AwesomeOskar28: And hi n.n;

Dinogirl joined the chat 7 seconds ago

Dinogirl: Sup

Dragonette: EYYYYY GABS


Dinogirl: HI

Dinogirl: WHAT'S UP

Dragonette: OSKAR >:(

AwesomeOskar28: O____O

Dinogirl: OH GEEZ WHAT

Dinogirl: WHAT DID HE DO >:(

Dragonette: lol he joined before me xD

Dragonette: it's cool

Dinogirl: xD lol ok

Dragonette: so

Dinogirl: yeaaaahhhh

Dinogirl: um

Dinogirl: Oh geez I can't think of anything

Dragonette: neither can i ughhhhh someone say something

AwesomeOskar28: Are you having nice weather? :3

Dragonette: lolweather

SquidSisters4Ever: Yeah! ^w^

Dragonette: sure xD

SquidSisters4Ever: But we kinda live near each other so you knew that lol xD

Dinogirl: yeah it's alright hah

AwesomeOskar28: Yeah xD

Dragonette: you know each other?

Dragonette: like irl?

SquidSisters4Ever: We doooo! :D

AwesomeOskar28: Yup :3

SquidSisters4Ever: We're buds

Dragonette: haha niceee

Dinogirl: heh, cool

Dinogirl: so

Dinogirl: what's up with admin lol?

Dinogirl: like where is he

SquidSisters4Ever: I dunno! o.o

AwesomeOskar28: Hes not saying anything O.O

Dragonette: i bet he's not even there lol

SquidSisters4Ever: That's kinda creepy o.O

AwesomeOskar28: Yeah

Dragonette: hey

Dragonette: that means there's nobody to moderate anything

Dragonette: hang on while i go get some scary pics >:)

AwesomeOskar28: Please don't D:

SquidSisters4Ever: Noooooooo! D:

Admin: I am still here

Dinogirl: ooh yeah do it haha

Dinogirl: OH

Dinogirl: um

Dragonette: haha dang

Dinogirl: hi lol

Dragonette: i was joking xD

SquidSisters4Ever: xDDD

SquidSisters4Ever: Oh

AwesomeOskar28: Good xD

AwesomeOskar28: I was worried

SquidSisters4Ever: Same here kinda xD

~Serene~Seas~ joined the chat

SquidSisters4Ever: Oh hi! :)

Dinogirl: yo

AwesomeOskar28: Hi there :D

~Serene~Seas~: hi :)

AwesomeOskar28: How are you?

~Serene~Seas~: im ok

~Serene~Seas~: its been a long day tho

SquidSisters4Ever: Aww n.n;

SquidSisters4Ever: Well now you can relax and chat with us! :)

AwesomeOskar28: Yeah :3

Dragonette: you guys sound like official greeters or something haha

Dinogirl: lol they do

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️ joined the chat

~Serene~Seas~: hi pink :)

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Hi!! <3

Dinogirl: eyyyyy

AwesomeOskar28: Whoa, the chat is busy now :o

SquidSisters4Ever: Hey! :D

SquidSisters4Ever: Whoa yeah it is

Dragonette: PARTY WOO

Dragonette: *blares music*

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: PARTYYYYY

Dragonette: *headbangs* \m/

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: :DDD

SquidSisters4Ever: THIS IS SO COOL

Dragonette: YEAAAAAAA

AwesomeOskar28: *Parties*

Dragonette: come on, you can do better than that xD

Dinogirl: WOO

AwesomeOskar28: *Parties hard? :3*

Dragonette: LOL xD

Dinogirl: xDDDDDD

Dinogirl: haaaaaaaaaa

~Serene~Seas~: lol

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: haha!!

Dragonette: ok the party's getting boring fast

Dragonette: ANY IDEAS

SquidSisters4Ever: Hmmmmm

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: LETS PARTY HARDER

Dinogirl: lol we can't just party forever

ChocoChip♥️ joined the chat

ChocoChip♥️: Hi guys!! nwn

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: hey!!! :3

Dinogirl: hi

AwesomeOskar28: Hello :D

SquidSisters4Ever: Hiiiii ^w^

ChocoChip♥️: This is so cooooollllllllll :DDD

SquidSisters4Ever: It is isn't it? :D

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: haha yeah! <3

Dragonette: oh snap admin left

Dinogirl: whoaaaa is he supposed to do that

Dragonette: i dunno lol

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: :OOOOO

ChocoChip♥️: Now there are no staff on O.O

ChocoChip♥️: What if we need staff??

SquidSisters4Ever: Uh oh o.o

Dragonette: then you're outta luck ;D

Dinogirl: yeaaaaahhhh >:D

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: I hope he comes back! O.O

ChocoChip♥️: Me, too! D:

Dragonette: you guys sound concerned

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: we areeee! D:

Dragonette: xDDD

AwesomeOskar28: I hope nothing comes up O.O

ChocoChip♥️: I knowwwwww D:

Dragonette: lol guys calm down

Dragonette: it's going to be fine xD

ChocoChip♥️: Oh

Dinogirl: xD

Dinogirl: yeah we'll be fine

AwesomeOskar28: Are you sure? O.O

Dinogirl: lol yes

Dragonette: things don't go into chaos just because there's no staff for one minute

ChocoChip♥️: Oh, sorry, I'm not used to these things, so I wasn't sure nwn;

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Yeah, same ^w^;;

~Serene~Seas~: wait

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Huh??

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: OH

~Serene~Seas~: i find tht hrd 2 believe pink lol

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Oh yeah lol, sorry xD I was MAJORLY distracted

Dragonette: are you guys friends? xD

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: haha yeah are areeeee

ChocoChip♥️: Coooooooooooooooooollllllllll :DDD

ChocoChip♥️: Does anyone else here know each other??

SquidSisters4Ever: Me and Oskar!

SquidSisters4Ever: We're buds irl too :D

AwesomeOskar28: Yeah :3

ChocoChip♥️: That's so neat ! :DD

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Yeah! <3

~Serene~Seas~: (woah i just looked back at what i said up there)

~Serene~Seas~: (sorry its hardly readable, im tired =.=)

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: (lol don't worry about it <333)

SquidSisters4Ever: Yeah, its OK xD

ChocoChip♥️: I'm tempted to ask

Dragonette: ??

Dinogirl: yeah?

ChocoChip♥️: Dragonette, Dinogirl, are you friends?

ChocoChip♥️: Your names go perfectly xD

Dragonette: LOL NO

Dinogirl: yep

ChocoChip♥️: O____o

Dragonette: that was sarcasm xDDD

ChocoChip♥️: OH

ChocoChip♥️: OMC that's awesome :DDD

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Oh OK, that was confusing for a sec! xD

Dragonette: OMC?

~Serene~Seas~: omc?

Dinogirl: wut?

ChocoChip♥️: Oh sorry

ChocoChip♥️: Oh my creampuff owo

Dinogirl: oh, got it lol

Dragonette: xDD i have never heard that before

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: I like it! owo

~Serene~Seas~: are u gonna start using it now? lol

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: I think so heehee

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: it's cute <3

~Serene~Seas~: =w=;

ChocoChip♥️: xDD

SquidSisters4Ever: xD

~Serene~Seas~: i knew it

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: ^w^

Dinogirl: lol

ChocoChip♥️: xDD You guys are so cool

ChocoChip♥️: Oops, I just "xDD"d twice

SquidSisters4Ever: haha xD

SquidSisters4Ever: But yeah they seem really cool xD

Dragonette: gee we laugh a lot in here

Dinogirl: wow yeah

AwesomeOskar28: There are a lot of friends in here :3

ChocoChip♥️: And friends make each other laugh! :D

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Yeah!! <3

Dragonette gags on all the sappiness

Dinogirl: oh geeeeeeeeeez

Dragonette: guys pleeeaaaase lol

TheQuakemaker joined the chat


TheQuakemaker: hey! :)


ChocoChip♥️: O.O Wait

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: lol I think they're friends toooooo! ^w^

AwesomeOskar28: Hi :D

SquidSisters4Ever: Hello!

ChocoChip♥️: Are you?? O.O

ChocoChip♥️: Oops I forgot to say hi

ChocoChip♥️: Hi :D

Dinogirl: gee I wonder why Sam isn't joining us here

Dinogirl: come on Sammmmmm

ChocoChip♥️: WAIT WHAT

TheQuakemaker: Yeah, I wonder where she is? o.o

Dragonette: you're right

TheQuakemaker: Maybe she's just busy or something :3

Dragonette: lol probably

Dinogirl: yeah i mean

Dinogirl: shes SAM

AwesomeOskar28: Is Sam another friend of yours? :3

Dragonette: no she's the pizza girl

TheQuakemaker: xD

AwesomeOskar28: Ohhhh o.o

TheQuakemaker: Yep, she is

Dragonette: LOL MANDY

Dragonette: it totally looked like you were agreeing with me

Dragonette: @Oskar that was sarcasm lol

TheQuakemaker: oh gosh xD oops

Dinogirl: haaaaaaa xD

Dragonette: it's like nobody here knows what sarcasm is xD

ChocoChip♥️ can't find any wordssssss

AwesomeOskar28: Oh oops n.n;

Dinogirl: @Alex yeah lol

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Choco, is everything alright? ^w^;

ChocoChip♥️: OK guys

ChocoChip♥️: Are you actually? O.O

ChocoChip♥️: YES

ChocoChip♥️: OwO;

Dinogirl: lol who can tell

ChocoChip♥️: @Mallow

ChocoChip♥️: It's so perfect thoughhhhhhhh

TheQuakemaker: @ChocoChip: yeeeeeeeep

ChocoChip♥️: You all have the exact right names O.O

ChocoChip♥️: WAIT

ChocoChip♥️: Are you "yep"ing what I think you're "yep"ing??

TheQuakemaker nods

Dragonette: (shhhhhh Mandy)

Dragonette: DARN IT



Dinogirl: >:(

TheQuakemaker: Sorry...! n.n;

Dragonette: no burritos for you D8<


TheQuakemaker: Noooooooo ;-;

TheQuakemaker: I'm sorry guys

Dragonette: lol it's ok i guess

Dragonette: you better not pester us with messages choco xD

Dinogirl: yeah please dont xD

~Serene~Seas~: whats going on?? o.o

ChocoChip♥️: @Skulltimate (OH MY CREAMPUFF SO COOL) I won't 8D

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Im not sure, but Choco seems really excited! x3

ChocoChip♥️: I just can't believe thissssssssssssss

ChocoChip♥️ is actually kind of squeeing irl right now

~Serene~Seas~: im happy 4 u? :)

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: yeah, this must be a big deal! <3

TheQuakemaker: heh xD

AwesomeOskar28: Who's Skulltimate? O__O

AwesomeOskar28: I don't see them online

SquidSisters4Ever: lol I was wondering the same thing!

~Serene~Seas~: me 2

SquidSisters4Ever: srsly who are they? o.o

Dinogirl: a band lol

Dragonette: yea they're a band

AwesomeOskar28: OH cool! :D

ChocoChip♥️: They're awesomeeeeeeeee ;w;

SquidSisters4Ever: Ooooohhh! owo

~Serene~Seas~: huy

Dragonette: huy??? xD

Dinogirl: whaaaaat? xD

~Serene~Seas~: o.o oops

~Serene~Seas~: i dozed off 4 a sec and i think my face hit the keyboard

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: ohhhh xD

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Awwww!

~Serene~Seas~: orz awkward

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: You should totes get some rest if you need it!

AwesomeOskar28: Aww it's OK! :3 It's late

~Serene~Seas~: yea i think im gonna

TheQuakemaker: OK :)

ChocoChip♥️: 'K :3 Byeeee! <3

TheQuakemaker: Goodnight!

Dragonette: see ya ;3

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: byeeeee! <3

~Serene~Seas~: bye :) good night

~Serene~Seas~ left the chat

SquidSisters4Ever: Bye! :)

SquidSisters4Ever: oops i'm late haha

ChocoChip♥️: Oh it really is late O.O

ChocoChip♥️: I reeeaaaaally shouldn't be here at this hour

ChocoChip♥️: But but but but but but Skulltimate ;-;

TheQuakemaker: Haha, yeah, it's getting preeeetty late n.n;

TheQuakemaker: Don't worry!

TheQuakemaker: I bet we'll be on again soon :)

ChocoChip♥️: Really?? :DD

Dragonette: mandyyyyyyy

TheQuakemaker: Sure! :3

Dragonette: don't tell her thaaaaaaaaaaat

Dinogirl: mandy nooooooooo

Dinogirl: bad mandy

ChocoChip♥️: Awesome!!

TheQuakemaker: ;xD I'm sorry guysssss

Dragonette: y u do dis >:(

Dinogirl: we're busy we cant be here 24/7

TheQuakemaker: I know ;xD

AwesomeOskar28: Whoa I think I dozed off O.O

AwesomeOskar28: Sorry

Dragonette: xD you too?

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: lol I totally get you xD

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: its waaaayyy past my bedtime!

Dragonette: LOL

SquidSisters4Ever: i probably shouldn't be awake right now either xD

Dinogirl: haaaa

AwesomeOskar28: Same n.n;

ChocoChip♥️: Neither should I, but I don't want to get off now xD


Dragonette: COOL >:D

TheQuakemaker: Aww, don't fight it if you're tired ;xD


Dragonette fistbumps Gabs

Dinogirl fistbumps Alex

ChocoChip♥️: I still can't believe I'm in the same chatroom as you guys ;w;

Dinogirl: haha doesn't it feel cool

Dinogirl: B-)

ChocoChip♥️: YES ;w;

Dragonette: xDD

AwesomeOskar28: Sorry, guys, I think I need to go to sleep. I can hardly read what everyone's typing n.n;

Dragonette: lol ok

Dragonette: bye ;3

Dinogirl: k, see ya

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Bye! <3

ChocoChip♥️: OK, goodnight! owo

AwesomeOskar28: Night!

SquidSisters4Ever: Goodnight, Oskar! :3

AwesomeOskar28 left the chat

TheQuakemaker: Bye n.n *i'm so late oops*

Dragonette: and then there were 6

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: aaaaaahhhh i think i should get to bed, too ;-;

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Sorryyyyyyyy! </3

ChocoChip♥️: Aw it's OK! <3

ChocoChip♥️: It's sooooo late O___O

ChocoChip♥️: Goodnight!

Dragonette: oh geez here comes sam irl

TheQuakemaker: Yeah, we so get it :3 Night!

TheQuakemaker: Oooooooh

Dragonette: yep

Dragonette: we're getting an earful about being on our phones in the wee hours lol

Dragonette: SORRY MOM


Dinogirl: Ha yeah

Dragonette: yea we have to go lol

TheQuakemaker: yeaaaaahhh n.n; xD

Dinogirl: lol bye xD

Dragonette: see ya

ChocoChip♥️: Bye guys! <3

TheQuakemaker: Night!

Dragonette left the chat

TheQuakemaker: I'll try to pop in again tomorrow ;3

TheQuakemaker left the chat

SquidSisters4Ever: Bye byeeeee!

ChocoChip♥️: OK, I should really be sleeping

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: goodnight! ^w^

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: lol i should ACTUALLY go now, too

ChocoChip♥️: It's after 3, and I'm just realizing now how extremely sleepy I am =w=

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: eep thats late O.O

ChocoChip♥️: I know O.O

ChocoChip♥️: I am so not usually up this late

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: same lol!

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: i like going to bed early xD

Dinogirl: lol forgot to log out ha

ChocoChip♥️: Cool! :D

Dinogirl: bye guys

ChocoChip♥️: xDDD

ChocoChip♥️: Byeeee!

Dinogirl left the chat 16 seconds ago

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: goodnight!

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: but yeah imma go now :3

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: see you! <3

ChocoChip♥️: Me, too :3

ChocoChip♥️: Bye! :D

SquidSisters4Ever: hehe i should too xD

SquidSisters4Ever: Goodnight :D

SquidSisters4Ever left the chat

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️ left the chat

ChocoChip♥️ left the chat

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Re: The Online Forum/Chat RP - Chat Log

Post by Whitefeather on Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:52 pm

Chat log 2 *dun dun dunnnnn*:
Dragonette joined the chat

Dragonette: boooooooooooored

Dinogirl joined the chat

Dragonette: GABS

Dinogirl: HI

Dragonette: WASSUP

Dragonette: oh duh why am i asking you that

Dinogirl: BOREDOM

Dragonette: we see each other like every day

Dinogirl: yea doyyy

Dinogirl: lol

Dragonette: so you bored too?

Dinogirl: soooo bored

Dinogirl falls over

Dragonette: and we're the only ones on the chat, too

Dragonette: sooooooooo booooooriiiiiiiiing

Dragonette: why am i even here lol

Dinogirl: c'mon ppl

Dinogirl: join usssssssssss

Dinogirl: like

Dinogirl: not even admins here

Dragonette: i knowwwww

Dragonette: he's supposed to be doing his job

Dinogirl: so laaaame

Dragonette: DUDE

Dragonette: DU YER JAB K


Dragonette: actually maybe we shouldn't summon him after that

Dragonette: he'll see that we made fun of him, and he'd probably ban us

Dragonette: lols

Dinogirl: oh yeah

Dinogirl: no thx lol

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️ joined the chat


♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: hi guys! <3

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: what's up? :D

Dragonette: we're bored lol

Dinogirl: so bored ugh

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: aww! ):

Dragonette: you're not bored too, are ya??

Dragonette: we soooo dont need more boredom in here

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: nope, i'm ok!

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: maybe we can party again or something! :D

Dinogirl: i dunno

Dragonette: with three people?

Dragonette: smells pretty laaaaaame

Dinogirl: yeaaaaaahhhhh

Dragonette: do you know more people?

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: maybe i can ask Serene! owo

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: she's probs more awake now lol

Dragonette: lololol you mean that quiet one from last night??

Dragonette: i hope she's more fun when she's awake xD

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: totally ;D

Dragonette: QUICK QUICK

Dragonette: before the entire chat literally diesssss of boredom

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: OK I'M GONNA TRY ASKING HER


Dragonette twiddles her thumbs

Dragonette: so

Dragonette: now what

Dinogirl: hm

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: OK I ASKED HER


Dragonette: GOOD

Dragonette: i can feel my brain shriveling from booooorrrreeeeddddooooooommmmmm

Dinogirl: same aaaaaaargh

~Serene~Seas~ joined the chat

~Serene~Seas~: hi :)

Dragonette: YES FINALLY

Dinogirl: YESSSS

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: YAY

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: HI! <3

~Serene~Seas~: u said something about being bored?

~Serene~Seas~: sounds fun

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Yes we're soooooo bored plz help D:

~Serene~Seas~: gee thx um

~Serene~Seas~: dont be bored??

Dragonette: wow

Dragonette: a+ advice 10/10

~Serene~Seas~: well sorry! i tried :(

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: yea, she tried! 3:

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: it's ok maybe we can still come up with something

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: hmmmm

Dragonette: well this is working lol

Dinogirl: lol yep

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: OH

Dragonette: WHAT

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: dragon, dino, don't you have irl buddies too? :O

Dragonette: yea

Dragonette: OH DUH

Dragonette: GABS


Dinogirl: SURE THING

TheQuakemaker joined the chat 15 seconds ago

TheQuakemaker: Heyyyy :3

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: HIIIIIIII

Dinogirl: yo xD

Dragonette: EY MANDY

~Serene~Seas~: hi

~Serene~Seas~: (btw mallow im on my way back now)

~Serene~Seas~: (they didnt have ur fav choc chip cookie brand tho so i had to get a diff 1)

Dragonette: wait

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: (oooohh!)

Dragonette: you're doing errands??

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: (lol thats ok xD)

~Serene~Seas~: yea i was on my phone waitin 4 the bus lol

~Serene~Seas~: im on it now [squid emoji] took 4evr 2 arrive

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: aw yayyyy glad its finally here!

Dragonette: exciting

Dinogirl: haha yes

Dinogirl: wait i wonder where sam is

Dragonette: yea :/

PhantomSkull (~Serene~Seas~) joined the chat 7 seconds ago



PhantomSkull: Hey xD

Dinogirl: OH EM GEE

Dinogirl: SUP

TheQuakemaker: Hi Sam! :D

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: HEYYY <3

PhantomSkull: So I heard we're bored here

Dinogirl: very bored

Dinogirl: its all tru

Dragonette: we need ideas

PhantomSkull: Stop talking about how bored you are? xD

Dragonette: deep

TheQuakemaker: Hah, that's probably a really good idea, actually xD

~Serene~Seas~: psst

~Serene~Seas~: mallow

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: yea? :3

~Serene~Seas~: im @ the door can u get it plz my hands r full

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: oh ok!

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️ will be right there

~Serene~Seas~: iv been ringin the doorbell like a million times

Dragonette: LOL

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: eep i'm so sorry ;w;

~Serene~Seas~: kk thx

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: be right there!

Dragonette: how could you not hear that?? lol

Dinogirl: lol yeah its a DOORBELL

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: ok im back! serene's inside now

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: lol i guess i was listening to music too loud xD

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: oopsie

Dragonette: haha i get ya

Dragonette: rock on \m/

Dinogirl: aw yeaaaaaaaa \m/

TheQuakemaker: \m/

PhantomSkull: \m/ (Hey the rest of you are doing it xD)

Dinogirl: lol yes join usss >:)

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: hehe! \m/

~Serene~Seas~ (PhantomSkull) joined the chat

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: lol sorry couldn't resist

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: EEP

~Serene~Seas~: ok i'm now on an actua computer

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: oh you switched to a computer xD

Dragonette: lol welcome

~Serene~Seas~: *actual

~Serene~Seas~: no more text talk yaaaaaay

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: yay!

Dragonette: whoa dude

Dragonette: it's showing on the side that serene is both here AND away

Dragonette: like what the heck

TheQuakemaker: Whoa :O

Dinogirl: man thats weeiiiird

PhantomSkull: Weird xD

Dragonette: SO

Dragonette: music anyone?

Dinogirl: MUSIC


Dragonette: no i mean what music does mallow and serene listen to lol

Dinogirl: oh lol

Dragonette: i need to know because us getting along probaby depends on it tbh xD

Dragonette: *probably

~Serene~Seas~: uh well

Dragonette: yeaaaaa?

~Serene~Seas~: i like pop cuz its fun :) it makes me feel good <3

~Serene~Seas~: but i like slow songs a lot too

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: i like a few things buuuuut i gotta say rock's pretty great!


♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: i like pop too tho <3

Dragonette: o

Dragonette: well

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: but ROCK :D

Dragonette: THERE WE GO

~Serene~Seas~: yea i kinda like rock too :) (just not heavy metal plz spare my ears =.=)

Dragonette: you take that back >:(

Dinogirl: >:(

~Serene~Seas~: o_o

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: whoaaaa guys its ok O.O

~Serene~Seas~: sorry its just rly noisy ok??

~Serene~Seas~: it hurts my ears

PhantomSkull: Guys, be cool -.-

TheQuakemaker: Yeah, she doesn't have to like it :(

PhantomSkull: We don't want to add to the genre's bad image

~Serene~Seas~: thx quake and skull c:

Dragonette: fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Dinogirl: :P

TheQuakemaker: No prob :3

Dragonette: SO

Dragonette: now that the opinion war is over

Dinogirl: yeah lol we need a new topic

Dinogirl: BADLY

PhantomSkull: And not one that people are going to fight over this time please -w-; xD

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: yeah let's try to keep it light! ^w^;

Dragonette: i thought music was going to be light lol

Dinogirl: but nope

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: OOH I KNOW

~Serene~Seas~: ok ok im sorry i dont like ppl screaming in my ears ._.

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: favorite snacks??? :3

Dragonette: dude

Dragonette: DUUUUDE

Dragonette: not all metal is stupid screaming -.- way to asume

Dragonette: *assume

~Serene~Seas~: .____________.

PhantomSkull: Guys, please -____-

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: can we go back to the happy topic plz?? :(

Dragonette: sorry i'm a little offended now lol

Dinogirl: yea that was just

Dinogirl: ugh

TheQuakemaker: Guyssss :(

~Serene~Seas~: im sorry im not a metal expert or whatever

~Serene~Seas~: its just that from my experience, i dont like it

PhantomSkull: Guys, please leave her alone .__.

PhantomSkull: You sound just like the guys who actually give metal a bad rep

Dragonette: ughhhhhh

Dinogirl: aaaaaaaaaargh

~Serene~Seas~: i think im going to get off

~Serene~Seas~: sorry bye

TheQuakemaker: Awww... I'm so sorry about all that, Serene Dx

~Serene~Seas~ left the chat

PhantomSkull: Way to go, guys -__-

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Awwwww no, Serene!

Dragonette: geez sooooorrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy .__.

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: not cool, guys xP

Dragonette: i can go, too

Dragonette: actually, yeah, i will

Dragonette: bye

Dragonette left the chat

Dinogirl: yea, same

Dinogirl: see ya

PhantomSkull: WHoa

Dinogirl left the chat

PhantomSkull: *Whoa

PhantomSkull: Sorry about that D:

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: nahhhh its not your fault 3:

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: they'd better apologize to Serene tho >:(

PhantomSkull: Yeah -__- I can't believe how immature they were

TheQuakemaker: Yeah orz

PhantomSkull: Can you tell Serene I'm sorry, too? I know I wasn't one of the ones being unreasonable, but still

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Kay, i will :(

PhantomSkull: Thanks

PhantomSkull: Well, I think I should go, too; I have to have a word with my bandmates >:(

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: Alright; good luck :P

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: bye <3

PhantomSkull: I hope this is the end of it

PhantomSkull: Thanks, bye :)

TheQuakemaker: (Oh, could you also tell her I'm sorry? n.n; Just cause...)

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: KK

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️ waves to skull

TheQuakemaker: I'd better go, too, in case Sam needs me there o.o

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️: ok bye! :c

TheQuakemaker: Bye :)

PhantomSkull left the chat 35 seconds ago

TheQuakemaker left the chat 12 seconds ago

♥️PinkMarshmallow♥️ left the chat 8 seconds ago

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Re: The Online Forum/Chat RP - Chat Log

Post by Whitefeather on Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:12 am

RinRoller2 entered for the first time 60 minutes ago

ChocoChip♥ joined the chat

ChocoChip♥: Oh my creampuff, hi! :D

RinRoller2: Oh hai!!

ChocoChip♥: I literally just saw your thread!

RinRoller2: Wow xD

ChocoChip♥: WHo knew we'd run into each other so soon

ChocoChip♥: *Who

RinRoller2: Ikr

ChocoChip♥: I am officially amazed xD

RinRoller2: Same xD

SquidSisters4Ever joined the chat

ChocoChip♥: By the way, sorry if I go quiet sometimes; I'm working on my own thread

RinRoller2: Woah hai [surprised emoji]

RinRoller2: And okey

ChocoChip♥: I realized I never made one, oops nwn;

ChocoChip♥: OH HI! 8D

SquidSisters4Ever: Hi! :D

RinRoller2: Hi!

SquidSisters4Ever: Welcome to the site, Rin! I'm Lill. :3

SquidSisters4Ever: Nice to meet ya!

RinRoller2: Yo Lill

RinRoller2: Ah sorry I disappeared there

RinRoller2: My brother wanted me to get something for him [winking tongue emoji]

ChocoChip♥: Welcome back >w<

RinRoller2: So!

ChocoChip♥: Soooo~

RinRoller2: ...........I actually have no ideas xD

ChocoChip♥: How has everyone been? owo

RinRoller2: Pretty good :3

SquidSisters4Ever: Same!

ChocoChip♥: That's really good! :D

ChocoChip♥: I was just hanging out in the forest today <3

RinRoller2: Cool :o

SquidSisters4Ever: :O Whoa

ChocoChip♥: How about you guys? :3

RinRoller2: I've just been doing music-y stuffs

SquidSisters4Ever: I did some Ink Battling ;D

SquidSisters4Ever: But I do that like, almost every day hehe

ChocoChip♥: Awesomeeeee 8D

ChocoChip♥: @Lill- Ink Battles? :O What are those? I've never heard of that

SquidSisters4Ever: Ohmigosh, never?? :O

SquidSisters4Ever: OK lemme explain, then!

ChocoChip♥: *Sits on a little seat, eagerly listening*

RinRoller2: *joins on her own little seat*

ChocoChip♥: *Hands Rin a bucket of internet popcorn*

RinRoller2: *me accepts the popcorn, and offers some internet oranges*

ChocoChip♥: *Gladly accepts the internet oranges, savouring their virtual juiciness*

SquidSisters4Ever: Ink Battles are like... THE hottest sport in Inkopolis! Basically everyone participates in them here!

ChocoChip♥: QUESTION owo

SquidSisters4Ever: Yeah? :D

ChocoChip♥: What is Inkopolis? xD (Sorryyyyyyyy)

SquidSisters4Ever: xD it's ok!

SquidSisters4Ever: Inkopolis is a biiig city; I actually moved here kinda recently!

RinRoller2: neato [surprised emoji]

ChocoChip♥: Oh cool!! :D

RinRoller2: I live in a big city too xD

ChocoChip♥: Whoaaaaa

SquidSisters4Ever: Sweet xD

ChocoChip♥: I live in a small city xD

ChocoChip♥: Anyway, sorry about derailing

ChocoChip♥: How do you play Ink Battles? owo

SquidSisters4Ever: OK, so like, there are two teams of four competing, usually to cover turf with their own ink

ChocoChip♥: You throw ink around?? OoO

RinRoller2: sound fun xD

SquidSisters4Ever: We use Ink Weapons! there are all kinds, like Shooters, Rollers, Chargers...

SquidSisters4Ever: Also Splatlings and Sloshers

SquidSisters4Ever: Oh and Dualies!

ChocoChip♥: Oh my creampuff this sounds like the literal best

RinRoller2: Woah man i wanna throw ink at my friends now xD

SquidSisters4Ever: Basically whoever inks the most turf wins and @Cookie: IT IS :D

SquidSisters4Ever: xD

ChocoChip♥: We have to SPREAD AWARENESS of this beautiful sport :'D

SquidSisters4Ever: YES

SquidSisters4Ever: YES


RinRoller2: LIKE INK

RinRoller2: I GUESS XD


ChocoChip♥: THANK YOU

ChocoChip♥: Anything else we need to know?? :D

SquidSisters4Ever: Hmmmmmmm

SquidSisters4Ever: Thinkingggggg

ChocoChip♥: Waiting eagerlyyyyyy :D

RinRoller2: *eats orange in anticipation*

SquidSisters4Ever: Welp I guess that's pretty much it xD

SquidSisters4Ever: As long as you have Ink Weapons and are a squid, you're probably good to go!

ChocoChip♥: Oh xD

ChocoChip♥: Waaaait

SquidSisters4Ever: (Or an octopus that works too)

ChocoChip♥: I'm not a squid O.O xDD Or an octopus-

ChocoChip♥: WAIT

ChocoChip♥: You're a squid?!

SquidSisters4Ever: Yea! :3


ChocoChip♥: xDDDDD

SquidSisters4Ever: xD

ChocoChip♥: But ohmycreampuff I HAD NO IDEA

ChocoChip♥: I've never met a talking squid before! :D (OK I actually have never seen a squid in prson before, but still)

ChocoChip♥: *person

RinRoller2: me neither, man xD

SquidSisters4Ever: Whoa, really?? O.O

SquidSisters4Ever: Wait there are squids that DON'T talk???

ChocoChip♥: I have so many questions

ChocoChip♥: SO many questions

RinRoller2: same

RinRoller2: like 8 questions at the very least

SquidSisters4Ever: Me toooooo ohmigosh

ChocoChip♥: Is there a secret squid society in the deepest deep depths of the ocean?? O.O

SquidSisters4Ever: In the ocean? O.O

RinRoller2: Does that imply that the secret squid society is on land? [surprised emoji]


SquidSisters4Ever: lol yep we're on land, but we aren't secret!

ChocoChip♥: But I've never heard of any of this! O.O

RinRoller2: how do you become a squid

RinRoller2: i think that's the important question ehre

SquidSisters4Ever: OK this is seriously blowing my mind O.O

ChocoChip♥: SAME O____O

SquidSisters4Ever: Us Inklings are everywhere what's going onnnnnn

ChocoChip♥: Waiwaitwait

ChocoChip♥: What's an Inkling?? 8O

RinRoller2: Whawhawhat?

SquidSisters4Ever: O___O

RinRoller2: Inklings sound so cute xD

SquidSisters4Ever: a squid

RinRoller2: I've never heard them called that before :o

ChocoChip♥: I feel like we don't even know the planet we're living on anymore O__O xDD

SquidSisters4Ever: Yeah, this is getting kinda creepy! o.o

SquidSisters4Ever: xD

ChocoChip♥: OK I have to ask

RinRoller2: I wonder what my friends would think if I told them this xDD


ChocoChip♥: Have you ever met humans before??

ChocoChip♥: Or are you trying really hard to NOT be discovered by humans?


ChocoChip♥: Rin, maybe we should keep all this a secret

ChocoChip♥: Just in case O.O

RinRoller2: dude ye :o

SquidSisters4Ever: Humans???

RinRoller2: :OOOO

SquidSisters4Ever: Nope, they went extinct wayyyyy before I was born O.O

SquidSisters4Ever: like

ChocoChip♥: W A I T

SquidSisters4Ever: yeaaaaaaaarrrrssss ago

ChocoChip♥: I'm a human O___________________________________O


SquidSisters4Ever: WAIT WAT

SquidSisters4Ever: WHAAAAAAAAAT

SquidSisters4Ever: GUYS

ChocoChip♥: And I live in a city FULL OF HUMANS

ChocoChip♥: In a country FULL OF HUMANS


SquidSisters4Ever: WHAT NO WAY

SquidSisters4Ever: I'M SPOOKED TOO


ChocoChip♥: ME TOO



SquidSisters4Ever is legit freaking out rn

ChocoChip♥ as well

ChocoChip♥: THere is DEFINITELY something crazy going on O_____O

SquidSisters4Ever: Yeah I agree O.o

ChocoChip♥: But ermacreempurf

ChocoChip♥: It's kind of fun, too, right?? ;w; xDDD

ChocoChip♥: I mean, THIS IS AWESOME

ChocoChip♥: SCARY, YEAH

ChocoChip♥: BUT AWESOME 8D

SquidSisters4Ever: YEAH :D

RinRoller2: YEAH I GUESS


SquidSisters4Ever: I think so O.o

ChocoChip♥: Agreed O__O

RinRoller2: But wait

RinRoller2: What about other people on the forum? [surprised emoji]

ChocoChip♥: 8OOO

RinRoller2: should they know also??

ChocoChip♥: THIS IS TRUE

ChocoChip♥: I have no ideaaaaaaa

SquidSisters4Ever: OH YEAH

SquidSisters4Ever: I dunnooooooo

ChocoChip♥: UM UM UM

ChocoChip♥: Well we're people on the forum, right? :D

RinRoller2: And like how could this scenario even happen?? O.O

RinRoller2: It's like we're on different worlds using the same internet

ChocoChip♥: Maybe it'll all be fine somehow? ;w;

RinRoller2: (try putting that on a motivational poster am i right)

RinRoller2: Yeah, I hope so xD

ChocoChip♥: WHOA

ChocoChip♥: YOU'RE RIGHT

SquidSisters4Ever: OH SNAP

AwesomeOskar28 joined the chat 5 seconds ago

AwesomeOskar28: Hi guys n.n

SquidSisters4Ever: OSKAR

SquidSisters4Ever: Hi! :D

ChocoChip♥: HI owo

RinRoller2: Hai-o

AwesomeOskar28: Whoa, is something going on? O.O

ChocoChip♥: YUP

SquidSisters4Ever: Yeah, crazy stuff's happening O.O

AwesomeOskar28: What stuff??

SquidSisters4Ever: OK so I dunno if you're gonna believe me, but apparently Choco and Rin are HUMANS O.O

SquidSisters4Ever: Like, ACTUAL HUMANS

AwesomeOskar28: Humans?? O-o

AwesomeOskar28: Like human humans???

SquidSisters4Ever: Yeah!!

RinRoller2: Wait does that mean you're a squid too?? O.O

AwesomeOskar28: Yeah o-o

ChocoChip♥: OH YEAH

ChocoChip♥: I remember hearing that Lill and Oskar are irl friends!

RinRoller2: Ah

RinRoller2: Neat xD

SquidSisters4Ever: Yep :D

RinRoller2: So now the chat is evenly balanced between humans and squids xD which is sorta weird but sorta cool

ChocoChip♥: Whoaaaaa you're RIGHT :D

SquidSisters4Ever: Whoa, yeah! :D

SquidSisters4Ever: Sweet

ChocoChip♥: This is AWESOME

SquidSisters4Ever: IT IS

ChocoChip♥: Can we maybe be friends?? 8D I feel like there's so much we can talk about oh my creampuffffff

ChocoChip♥: What do you think, Rin?

ChocoChip♥: Shall we befriend the squids?

RinRoller2: Yeeeee let's all be friends :DDDD

SquidSisters4Ever: Yessss! :D


RinRoller2: \(^o^)/

ChocoChip♥: So it's official; we're kinda-sorta penpal things!! 8D

SquidSisters4Ever: We areeee! 8D

RinRoller2: Awwwww yeeeeee

SquidSisters4Ever: That is so cooooool

ChocoChip♥: So how do you do stuff with all those arms?

ChocoChip♥: Oh my creampuff

ChocoChip♥: How many arm holes do your shirts and stuff have, if you have shirts?? O.O

SquidSisters4Ever: lol, just two! xD

AwesomeOskar28: Yeah, we have two arms and two legs normally :3

ChocoChip♥: Huuuuuuuuh?! O___O

RinRoller2: woah man xD

ChocoChip♥: But but but but SQUIDS

SquidSisters4Ever: We have two forms, but we usually stay in the two-armed, two-legged one ^.^

ChocoChip♥: WAIT FORMS????

RinRoller2: eeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

SquidSisters4Ever: Yea! xD

ChocoChip♥: You're SHAPE-SHIFTING SQUIDS?!?!?!? O_______________________O


SquidSisters4Ever: xDDD Ohmigosh Rin

ChocoChip♥: INDEED RIN

SquidSisters4Ever: But yep!

ChocoChip♥: INDEED xDD


RinRoller2: Man I wish people could shape shift :OO

ChocoChip♥: Me toooooooo

AwesomeOskar28: I'm probably just as shocked as you guys O____O xD

RinRoller2: Yeah I think we're all on the same level of shock xD

ChocoChip♥: Definitely xD

SquidSisters4Ever: I think so O.O xD

SquidSisters4Ever: Gosh this is weeeiiiiiiird

AwesomeOskar28: Humans... Whoa. o.o xD

SquidSisters4Ever: BUT IN A COOL WAY

AwesomeOskar28: ikr??

RinRoller2: So anyways more questions

RinRoller2: Is there squid music??????? [surprised emoji]

ChocoChip♥: OMC YES

ChocoChip♥: I second this questionnnn :D

SquidSisters4Ever: YES

SquidSisters4Ever: YES THERE IS

ChocoChip♥: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Do you think us humans are able to hear it??

SquidSisters4Ever: I HOPE SO

SquidSisters4Ever: You guys should totally look up the Squid Sisters!!




ChocoChip♥: IDEAS, SORRY

SquidSisters4Ever: OOH YEAH

SquidSisters4Ever: (The Squid Sisters are my FAVORITE though srsly :'3)

ChocoChip♥: (Aww :DD What kind of music do they do??)

ChocoChip♥: (Wait, I dunno if squids have the same kinds of music as humans)

ChocoChip♥: (This could be difficult o.o xD)

SquidSisters4Ever: (They're like, a pop duo and just EEEEEE)


ChocoChip♥: That sounds really fun ;w; xDD

AwesomeOskar28: Yeah, I like their music, too :D

AwesomeOskar28: It makes you feel good

ChocoChip♥: I love the sound of thissss <3

RinRoller2: Yes I loveee feel-good pop music OwO

SquidSisters4Ever: It does <3

SquidSisters4Ever: Seriously tho, CAN'T RECOMMEND THEM ENOUGH <3

AwesomeOskar28: xDD Yea, Lill's a really big fan

ChocoChip♥: AWWWW ;w;

SquidSisters4Ever: lol yeah I'm a superfan ^o^

ChocoChip♥: Ever see them live? :D (Do they do live shows?)

RinRoller2: dude live things are so fun OwO

ChocoChip♥: YES <3

SquidSisters4Ever: They do, and I really, really wanna see them! It's a huge goal of mine :'D

ChocoChip♥: Awwwww, I hope you do!! <333

SquidSisters4Ever: Thanks :'3

ChocoChip♥: Imagine if you got to meet them 8O

RinRoller2: :OOOOOOO

SquidSisters4Ever squeals

AwesomeOskar28: xDD I think she would be screaming about it alllllllllll day

SquidSisters4Ever: ALL YEAR

SquidSisters4Ever: AND BEYOND <3

RinRoller2: xDD

ChocoChip♥: xDDD Ohmigosh that's so sweet

RinRoller2: Cookie, do you go to live stuff? [very happy emoji]

ChocoChip♥: When I get the chance, yeah! :D

SquidSisters4Ever: Sweet! :D

ChocoChip♥: I've never been to any really big concerts, though

SquidSisters4Ever: Awww, maybe someday you will! :3

RinRoller2: Ye :3

ChocoChip♥: Thanks; I hope so! :D I hope I get to see someone with legendary music skills <3 I'd love that

ChocoChip♥: Seeing someone perform THAT WELL in person would just be yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss

SquidSisters4Ever: Oooooohhh that would be SUPER cool :O

ChocoChip♥: Or y'know

ChocoChip♥: A really super-fun rock or pop concert or something would be awesome, too ;w;

RinRoller2: Ye OwO

SquidSisters4Ever: lol come to the next Squid Sisters concert with me!!

ChocoChip♥: I wish I could SO MUCH ;w;

RinRoller2: come to magical mirai

ChocoChip♥: Ermagersh that sounds fun too


SquidSisters4Ever: I have no idea what Magical Mirai is but it sounds FUN

RinRoller2: It is xD

SquidSisters4Ever: I'D TOTALLY COME WITH

ChocoChip♥: Same actually ;w;

ChocoChip♥: BUT YEAH

RinRoller2: It's a lil concert thing my group does xD

RinRoller2: Many costumes are involved

ChocoChip♥: 8O Your group??

RinRoller2: It's a Fun Time for everyone


RinRoller2: Yee OwO


SquidSisters4Ever: Ooh! :O

SquidSisters4Ever: YES IT DOES :D

RinRoller2: We're collectively referred to as Crypton and other similar things but we do stuff separately too

ChocoChip♥: Ooooooooowait

ChocoChip♥: I think I'm just realizing something here O.O

RinRoller2: Ye? :o

ChocoChip♥: I think I've heard of you, possibly


ChocoChip♥: Are you really THAT Rin? OwO

RinRoller2: YOU BET I AM >8D


ChocoChip♥: FOR REAL :D


RinRoller2: and, just because


SquidSisters4Ever: xDDDDDD YES




ChocoChip♥: Last night, SKULLTIMATE WAS HERE


ChocoChip♥: AND NOW THIS

RinRoller2: WOAH SKULLTIMATE? [surprised emoji]

ChocoChip♥: YEAH :D

ChocoChip♥: You know them??

RinRoller2: Ye man they're Cool [very happy emoji]

ChocoChip♥: I know!! 8D

♥PinkMarshmallow♥ joined the chat

RinRoller2: Oh hey!!

ChocoChip♥: Speaking of people I'd love to see live, them xD

ChocoChip♥: OH hi! :DD

SquidSisters4Ever: Hi Pink!

♥PinkMarshmallow♥: Heyyy! <3

ChocoChip♥: Welcome to the magical chat of magic where magical things always magically happen 8DDD

RinRoller2: Magically

RinRoller2: in the Future

RinRoller2: get it cuz magical mirai

ChocoChip♥: OhhhhhhhHHHHHHHH xD

RinRoller2: this is why i do music instead of comedy xD

AwesomeOskar28: Hi Pink! (Whoa I totally forgot about this chat O__O Sorry)

RinRoller2: (It's fine xD)

ChocoChip♥: Nah, it was good!! xD

♥PinkMarshmallow♥: Lol hi Oskar! xD

ChocoChip♥: Some of the best things just happened tonight xD

RinRoller2: for example, Me

ChocoChip♥: YES xD

RinRoller2: B-)

SquidSisters4Ever: xDDD

♥PinkMarshmallow♥: Ooooohhh!! xD

ChocoChip♥: Also, SQUIDS.

♥PinkMarshmallow♥: There are more squids here??

AwesomeOskar28: Yup! :3 Lill and I

AwesomeOskar28: waaaaait

AwesomeOskar28: You're a squid too?? O.O

ChocoChip♥: O__O DITTO

♥PinkMarshmallow♥: Yeah! ^w^

SquidSisters4Ever: :O



SquidSisters4Ever: AW YEAH MORE SQUIDS


AwesomeOskar28: OK I'm really confused o.o xD

♥PinkMarshmallow♥: waaaaaaitwaitwait are Choco and Rin not squids?

ChocoChip♥: I had no idea this site was SO POPULAR WITH SQUIDS O.O xDD

RinRoller2: Yeah that's so weird xD

AwesomeOskar28: Nope; they're apparently humans O___O

RinRoller2: but anyways yeah hi im a person owo

♥PinkMarshmallow♥: HUMANS

ChocoChip♥: *Waves* xD

♥PinkMarshmallow♥: WHAAAAAAAAT

AwesomeOskar28: I know!! O_O

♥PinkMarshmallow♥: THATS SO COOL HI 8D

♥PinkMarshmallow♥: AND KIND SPOOKY

ChocoChip♥: HI :D

♥PinkMarshmallow♥: *KINDA

RinRoller2: HELLO

ChocoChip♥: I just realized, if Lill never mentioned Ink Battles, we would have never realized that basically everyone on this site is a squid xDDD

SquidSisters4Ever: Ohmigosh :O xD

RinRoller2: Dang, man xD That's so weird

♥PinkMarshmallow♥: whoaaaaaaa O.O

ChocoChip♥: I knowwww xD I'm SO GLAD she went and brought that up

ChocoChip♥: Because now I know we're talking to COOL SQUIDS <3

RinRoller2: And they know they're talking to COOL PEOPLE

ChocoChip♥: YES >w>

SquidSisters4Ever: Yeah! :DDD

SquidSisters4Ever: I seriously thought you guys were squids before!!

AwesomeOskar28: Now I'm going to question if everyone I meet on here is a squid or a human O_O xD

ChocoChip♥: And I thought you were humans! O.O

SquidSisters4Ever: @Oskar: Ohmigosh same O.o xD

RinRoller2: Who knows, maybe someone here's like, a bird or something xD

ChocoChip♥: OMC that would be amazing xDD

SquidSisters4Ever: Whooaaaaaa yeah! xD

♥PinkMarshmallow♥: A BIRD

♥PinkMarshmallow♥: that would be so cool and adorableeee <3

ChocoChip♥: Uh oh, I just noticed how late it is D:

RinRoller2: oh boy it is pretty late xD

SquidSisters4Ever: Oh yeaaaaahhh it really is O.O

ChocoChip♥: See you tomorrow, hopefully? owo

SquidSisters4Ever: Yeah, I'll totes try to be here :D

AwesomeOskar28: Same :3

RinRoller2: Ye me too OwO

RinRoller2: goodnight guys :3

ChocoChip♥: Night!! >w<

AwesomeOskar28: See you :)

SquidSisters4Ever: Byeeee! :3

ChocoChip♥ left the chat 71 seconds ago

AwesomeOskar28 left the chat 56 seconds ago

SquidSisters4Ever left the chat 45 seconds ago

RinRoller2 left the chat

♥PinkMarshmallow♥ left the chat

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