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    Humor : I made a gmail account for my dog. No lie. It's the one I'm using for ETF. /I have no life xD
    Usergroups: Clanless, CloudClan, Survivors
    Rank: Warrior
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    Humor : "No! That's not it! 'That' is so far from 'it' that 'that' is not visible from 'it' due to the curvature of the Earth!" -Cyril, LoM
    Usergroups: Clanless, LightningClan
    Rank: Kit
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    Humor : Thanks, I always wanted to smell like "Ocean Summer Breeze"
    Usergroups: Clanless, LightningClan
    Rank: Apprentice
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    Humor : 不管你今天去哪里,你都应成为应雨伞。
    Usergroups: Clanless, CloudClan
    Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice
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    Humor : What do you call a melon combined with a antelope? A Cantaloupe.
    Usergroups: Clanless, CloudClan
    Rank: Kit
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    Humor : "Well you've come to the right place, you sentient basketball."
    Usergroups: Clanless, CloudClan
    Rank: Kit

Rank: Medicine Cat
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