Fri Apr 18, 2014 7:14 pm by Roseblossom

Trade in the fresh-kill you earn while posting around the forum, for cool forumy things

Username change - 1,000 points - This way people aren't just randomly changing their name all the time.

Chatbox Icon- 10,000 points Must be 14x14 pixels and preferably transparent

Forum Icon- 30,000 points
-Please make it 14x14

Username Color Change
- 5,000 points

Rainbow Username- 10,000 points Can choose between 2 types of rainbow username patterns. The repeating or the fluent  
*You can also get …

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The LC group name no longer matches our new colour :c

Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:33 am by Twilight

(Also this is completely just my opinion and we don't have to change anything)

How I designed the clan names to work when I first designed them was to have "clan" in the groups colour, and then a gradient for all the other letters.
Currently the LC group has "clan" as the old yellow, making it no longer match the CC group design

I have a couple colour ideas, but also feel free to throw out your own (and if you can't edit graphics to make the gradients, I can make them for …

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Opinions on a new / edit banner?

Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:04 pm by Twilight

While I love the banner we currently have, I really do, I feel that it's a little large (so much so that it even exceeds my browser page)
I decided to edit it down in size, but also background
It's the same size as the night theme banner, and also now has "Enter the Forest" text on it

I have the pdf still open so any changes can still be suggested

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Enter the Forest Rules

Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:28 pm by Roseblossom

1.) Don't argue because of opinions. [for example, if someone likes RPing a lot and you don't. Or if someone is obsessed with a certain RP character who you don't understand or like.]

2.) Don't argue or insult no matter what. (unless it's joking of course <3)

3.) Don't swear. Warriors swear is okay though. [example: mousedung]

4.) Don't say mean things about people behind their backs.

5.) Don't ignore people without good reason

6.) To join, you just gotta go to the Warriors Club in the club section and post a form. Remember, you gotta join as a kit.

7.) Don't boss people around. Especially if it's something like a color or a rank. This stuff is …

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Warriors Club History

Fri Feb 24, 2017 6:17 pm by Tornadostorm

Hopefully over time I'll include more and more info. 
Not sure what other info I could add tho ^.^; Guess I'm up for suggestions :3 

Anyway, here's the information I have so far OoO



In order of when they became leader ^.^

1. Twilightstar (kellyB47) [07/19/08]-[08/04/10]
2. Stormstar (tarsky781) [08/04/10]-[10/19/10]
3. Spiderstar (WebkinzFireFawn) [08/04/10]-[10/16/10]
4. Rosestar (starrose33) [10/16/10]-[02/23/12]
5. Rainstar (panda886) [10/20/10]-[06/21/11]
6. Rootstar (polarbear2121) [06/21/11]-[09/24/12]
7. Dapplestar (luckypleo) [02/23/12]-[08/20/12]

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