Opinions on a new / edit banner?

Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:04 pm by Twilight

While I love the banner we currently have, I really do, I feel that it's a little large (so much so that it even exceeds my browser page)
I decided to edit it down in size, but also background
It's the same size as the night theme banner, and also now has "Enter the Forest" text on it

I have the pdf still open so any changes can still be suggested
Enter The Forest - News 2e2knzc

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Enter the Forest Rules

Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:28 pm by Roseblossom

1.) Don't argue because of opinions. [for example, if someone likes RPing a lot and you don't. Or if someone is obsessed with a certain RP character who you don't understand or like.]

2.) Don't argue or insult no matter what. (unless it's joking of course <3)

3.) Don't swear. Warriors swear is okay though. [example: mousedung]

4.) Don't say mean things about people behind their backs.

5.) Don't ignore people without good reason

6.) To join, you just gotta go to the Warriors Club in the club section and post a form. Remember, you gotta join as a kit.

7.) Don't boss people around. Especially if it's something like a color or a rank. This stuff is …

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Warriors Club History

Fri Feb 24, 2017 6:17 pm by Tornadostorm

Hopefully over time I'll include more and more info. 
Not sure what other info I could add tho ^.^; Guess I'm up for suggestions :3 

Anyway, here's the information I have so far OoO



In order of when they became leader ^.^

1. Twilightstar (kellyB47) [07/19/08]-[08/04/10]
2. Stormstar (tarsky781) [08/04/10]-[10/19/10]
3. Spiderstar (WebkinzFireFawn) [08/04/10]-[10/16/10]
4. Rosestar (starrose33) [10/16/10]-[02/23/12]
5. Rainstar (panda886) [10/20/10]-[06/21/11]
6. Rootstar (polarbear2121) [06/21/11]-[09/24/12]
7. Dapplestar (luckypleo) [02/23/12]-[08/20/12]

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firestir's lair

Fri Apr 01, 2016 1:15 pm by Swirlstar

welcome 2 firestir's lair!

firestir is the coolest cat around*
everything with his name on it is 10x cooler automatically. that's just his impact.

explore the lair if u dair~!
(avatars below for ur viewing pleasure)

*not to be confused with firestar. firestar is lame. firestir is cool.

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The 7 Days of Halloween - ETF forum challenge

Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:48 pm by Twilight

Yo yo yo welcome to my little contest here on ETF.
The sites been less active as of late, so here we go! Maybe a change to increase activity!

Forrrrrrr this contest, you guys will be competing to win a halloween spooky name, consisting of a halloween rainbow username and your choice of either a ghost Enter The Forest - News Favicon-ghost or pumpkinEnter The Forest - News Favicon forum icon! (you can also change around the halloween colours on the username …

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