Tornadostorm's Super Sad Story; Here me talking allot about Twister's sad life? Come here and check out the details!

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Tornadostorm's Super Sad Story; Here me talking allot about Twister's sad life? Come here and check out the details!

Post by Tornadostorm on Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:25 am

This is the story of my WC persona, Tornadostorm, or Twister. As you can tell by the spoiler, she's had a pretty sad life. And chances are, you wanna know what all's happened in the black and white kitteh's time? Some of you probably came just to find out what is up with the pink lily she wears. Well, now you can find out! Let's get into it. :)

(Book 2: (Only read if you're done with this one) Book 2

(note: Not all events, or personalities of the warriors are accurate, as some have been dramatized to make the story interesting, and readable.)

Tornadostorm stared into the crystal eyes of the tom. Her heart leaped, as she looked between the crystal blue eyes, and the violet eyes “So much has changed.” She murmured. The blue eyes nodded. “Yes. They have.” He murmured. “Why?” The violet eyes moaned. Beginning to look frightened.

“We have so much to tell you.” The crystal eyes said. Tornadostorm didn’t know who he was talking to. Her, or the violet eyes. The violet eyes turned to her, angrily. “WHY?” She hissed. Tornadostorm backed up a bit.
“Calm down.” She whispered worriedly. She straightened. “I will tell you everything.”

Chapter 1:
I was cold. So cold. I tried to mew. But I couldn’t hear myself. Then sounds started flooding in like a river through a broken dam. I yowled in terror. Then I felt a soft tongue on me. And that scent, I will never forget that scent.

I herd a yowl of pain. My heart ached in worry. I lay next to the yowling cat who’s scent I would remember forever. I realized I recognized that yowl. It was my mother! I mewed calmly. Then I heard a slightly less familiar voice say “Their beautiful Dapplethrush. You did great.”

“Thanks.” My mom panted. I felt more fur next to me. That fur was wet. And I heard my mom licking something I heard my mom say “two of them.” ‘Two of them’? What does she mean? I only know that I am here. Do I have a sibling?

I then heard something loud and scary I yelped I heard my mom laugh. “I will name you Tornadokit. For you have the spirit of a tornado.” I thought about it for a moment. Tornadokit. I like that.

“And I will name you Ripplekit. Because of the ripple in your fur.” I sniffed the air. Is that what my sister looks like? A ripple in her fur? I dismissed the thought. I had been born into a clan. This was my life. And I will live it to the fullest.

The next day, I realized something, as I woke up, I could see. I had opened my eyes! I looked around me, and I could see, my mom was licking Ripplekit. I got to my weak paws, and waddled over.

I saw the weird look on my mom’s face, and I tilted my head. I didn’t recognize it.
“Mommy!” I mewed.

“I opened my eyes!” She looked at me. “I know. I can see that.” Her tone was weirdly low, and strained.

“Tornadokit, get out of here. You’re old enough to leave the den. Go out and play.” I looked outside. For one glorious instant, I was excited to go outside. But…… It was raining. And it didn’t look welcoming. I looked at her.

“Do you want me to go out of the den? In this weather?” She sighed. “Now GO Tornadokit! Leave!”

I widened my eyes, and backed out of the den. The rain pelted me like little needles. I looked over at my mom. She was licking Ripplekit

“You look cold dear. Come lay next to me.” Mom never let me lay next to her. Infact, I almost had my own nest.

I sighed. And turned away. When the rain stopped, she would love me again. I met the clan, and, they had the same weird look on their faces.

I then met an apprentice. The apprentice laughed at me. I tilted my head. “You must be Tornadokit.
You know what your name should be?” I smiled at him. Pricking my ears to hear what he had to say. “Your name should be Weirdokit! Haha.” I cried.

“My name is Tornadokit! Not Weirdokit! You should be Meanpaw!” I snapped. He kicked me away with his paw. I landed in the mud. “OWIE!” I cried. “Mommy!” I ran away to her “Go ahead wimp! Run to your mommy!”

I skidded to a halt. “I’m not a wimp!” I cried. I went back to my mom and she scowled at me. “Why are you back so soon?! Go out and play!”

“He hurt me!” I wailed running to her side crouching beside her. “Tornadokit! Get away!” I felt my mom push me away from herself.

I looked up at her. And she lowered her gaze from me. “Get out Tornadokit.” I slowly backed away. Ripplekit looked at me sympathetically.

I smiled at her, and left. I was forced out of the nursery all day. I was so cold and tired! During the night, I saw my mom was asleep, and slipped in. curling up inside her belly hole.

The next moring I decided I would go out with Ripplekit. I would look stronger. So I shook her. “Come on Ripplekit. Let’s go.” I waited for a response. I scowled at her and shook her harder. “RRRIIIPPPLLLEEKKKIIITT!!!!!!!!!”

I waited another minute. No response. I panicked “MOMMY!” Dapplethrush. Awoke. “Tornadokit! What are you DOING!!!” I cringed from her. “R r…ipplekit won’t wake up.”

“I’ll wake her up, then you get out of here.” I tilted my head. “Why do you want me to leave?” I shook myself. Mom shook Ripplekit. She did nothing. She gasped and felt Ripplekit’s throat. “She’s… Dead, Tornadokit.”

I gasped, and my legs buckled under me. I fell onto my dead sister’s side, and burst into tears. My mom’s claws unsheathed “She must have died from cold. Tornadokit! It was your fault! You should have given up your sleeping space, and slept at your side of the den!”

I scrambled backwards as she slammed a deadly claw were I was seconds ago. I gasped and stood up. “Would you have preferred that I die instead of Ripplekit?! Because that’s what would have happened if
I had slept in my usual spot!”

My mother looked at me straight in the eye, and said “Yes. I would have preferred if you had died.” I stared at her wide eyed. Then scowled “Fine! I’ll leave! Then maybe you’ll love me!” She hissed. “I will never love you!

I cried and ran off. I ran a horribly long distance. I traveled for months. Until what I came upon what looked like a camp. A cat came out of it. I ran over to the cat, and collapsed at their paws.

“You’ve got to help me!” I gasped. “I traveled a long way to get here.” The orange she-cat picked me up. “You poor thing. Let me bring you into camp.”

I let her pick me up. My paws were so sore! "My name's Goldshimmer by the way Goldshimmer of CloudClan. What's yours?" "I'm Tornadokit. Of... SmokeClan I believe." I responded. "What brought you here?" Goldshimmer asked. Stopping in the middle of the path to the camp, and picking a pink lily with a white center and putting it in my fur.

"Um... My mom hates me. She wants to kill me, because she thinks that I was the cause of my sister's death. My mom loved my sister. And so did I. She.. Was perfect." Goldshimmer looked at me sympathetically. "Ah! That flower really helps!" I tilted my head "What do you mean?"

"It covers your eye." "My eye? What's wrong with my eye?" I looked at her worriedly "Take off your flower, and look in this puddle." Goldshimmer instructed. And I did. I gasped in horror. My eye! No pupil! So... Deformed. I scrambled backwards and began to cry. "That's why my mom hates me!"

Goldshimmer picked me up again, and I put the flower back in my fur. She carried me into the camp. I saw two clans there. Goldshimmer then told me that the other clan was LightningClan. I decided to join CloudClan. The clan with the cat that saved me.

(If you want more details on Tornadokit's journey to CloudClan, click the spoiler below. Though I'm warning you, it's a story of it's own)

(Tornadokit’s view)
I was running. I felt betrayal, a broken trust, I felt really hurt, and heartbroken. What was I now? An orphan? A rouge never to be trusted? Where would I go? How would I survive?

I’d been running for about two months now. I was starting to feel hungry. I slowed down. Looking around me, maybe for a mouse, or something I could get milk from? Or some sort of tolerable meat? Meat was… Urg, it was worst tasting then…Anything you can imagine!

I don’t know how the adults tolerated it. I saw a mouse in the distance. I bolted after it. I couldn’t stalk very well. My short legs, and inexperience at walking, meant I stumbled after about three steps. Falling straight on my face.

I sat up. First my eyes began to water, then I broke out into full sobbing. Wailing, and wailing. Why couldn’t I do anything right?! What was wrong with me! What was I doing?! Why was I running away?! I was starting to doubt myself again. I took a deep breath, in attempt to stop the tears, and stood up.

I began to walk forward. It would be another mile or so before I got another chance at a meal. I walked about a quarter of a mile, before my legs felt like they would not carry me one step further. I saw some leaves… Mint, maybe? I trotted over, and crouched by them.

I mouthed the leaves. Getting some of the tasty sap, and watery dew on top. I ate most of the plant, before I got up again. The meal wasn’t nearly enough, but it was about as much as I could successfully get in a day.

I wanted someone to come. Someone to come, and take me away from this place. To watch over me. To give me a safe place to rest my paws. I felt no where was safe. I was constantly moving without a stop.

A few miles later, I heard a sound in the bushes across from me. I turned and ran behind the roots of a tree. Peering out nervously, I was surprised at what I saw.

A young fox pup. Much younger than me, about 2 weeks old, was backing out of the bushes watching something as if it was about to eat her.

Then a group of about 5 full-grown cats, strode out after the pup. They were rouges. Muscular and heard of heart. They unsheathed their claws. The pup made a whimper. So sweet, and so small. It set a fire in me. I’m sure now, that it was from my warrior origins. I snarled quietly.

Crouching, now with the expertise given by instinct. I stalked forward, to the edge of my bush. Unsheathing my claws, I leapt forward. Even though the pup was a fox, I was much bigger then her.

I slashed at the nearest fox to me. The pup’s ears pricked, but she stayed crouched. The rouge yowled, then slashed at me herself. I barely dodged, then I turned to the pup. I grabbed her scruff, and ran. She stumbled along after me, but I was more dragging her.

We ran for a long ways. She had stopped squealing from the initial shock of me turning, and grabbing her, (By the wrong part of her, BTW, I learned later I should have grabbed her by her back)

After running for about a mile straight, I slipped into a hole under a rock. I looked at the pup next to me. She was so scared, I could see the whites of her eyes. She was staring out the entrance of the hole. I smoothed her fur with my tail. “Are you okay?” I asked softly

She looked at me. “Y…Yes…” She lowered her ears. “But they wanted to eat me!!” She cried. I looked at her sympathetically. “What’s your name? I’m Tornadok…Just Tornado.” She looked at me wide-eyed “I’m Sweetwater. But you can call me Stealthkit.”

I tilted my head. “Where are your parents. Shouldn’t they have protected you?” Sweetwater looked at me. “…They left me here. They said it was much safer for me to leave my pack.

Apparently, some wolves need me for something.” She looked at me nervously. “Hey… You fought pretty well back there… Can I stay with you? Wherever you’re going?” I smiled. “Of course!” “Does she actually like me?.. Well, it can’t last long. But I’m entitled to enjoy it while it lasts, right?” I felt a tear streak down my face. “I don’t know where I’m going, but you can come with me. We’ll be the Explorer Sisters!” Sweetwater giggled. “Sisters. I like that.”

I smiled. Sweetwater curled up. I looked outside. It was getting pretty late. But now that I had Sweetwater along side me, I couldn’t travel at night. She was too young.

Technically, she should still be only drinking milk. How could I give that to her? Sighing, I turned back to Sweetwater. She was shivering. I curled up around her, and she stopped. Her soft fur was somehow comforting, and I fell asleep quickly.

The next morning, I blinked my eyes open, the dawn sun shining right into our little shelter. I slowly lifted my head. I looked at Sweetwater.

She was still asleep. I got up, and stretched. I hadn’t felt so rested in a while. I slipped out of the den. I found some mint-leaves, and used the dew to wet my dry throat.
Then I did a bit of exploring, looking for food, and for a good source of water. Suddenly, I heard some small footsteps running up behind me. I turned around, my tail in the air excitedly. Sweetwater bounded up to me. “Your awake!” I called happily. She nuzzled me “You stayed with me, Tornado! I thought you had run away!”

I looked at her, and whispered. “I’ll never leave you. I promise.” I turned, and started walking. Sweetwater followed me. “What are you doing?” “I’m looking for food.” I explained. “Why?” She asked. “You had a meal of those mint-leaves. They didn’t have dew on them.”

I smiled. “I can live on Mint-leaves for a little while, but you need milk. Badly. And I could use the meat.” Sweetwater looked at me with wide eyes. “Your not looking for food for yourself?” I smiled, and shook my head. “No. I’m not.” She rubbed herself against me.

“I wish I could help you.” She sighed. “But I cannot hunt at all.” I laughed “Neither can I! But I can try to make a catch, for ya.” Sweetwater smiled. “Okay then. I’m gonna look for some mint for you. Incase you don’t catch anything.” I nodded, and trotted off.

I saw a rabbit in the distance, I stalked it, but it saw me right away, and bounded off. I gave chase. I ran as hard as I could. I skidded to a halt. I’d lost the rabbit. I heard some chattering in the tree above me. I looked up. I saw a squirrel and her babies. “She outta have some milk for Sweetwater!” I smiled. I climbed up the tree. I soon was at her level. I slowly crept up on her.

I leaped. Grabbing her in my claws. I slipped and fell from the tree. Landing on the ground, I gave her the killing bite. Picking the squirrel up, I turned, and started to walk back to Sweetwater, when the squirrel started to squirm. It easily squirmed out of my weak jaws, and ran away.

I didn’t have enough strength to kill it with a bite yet. I sighed disappointedly I walked along. Not smelling any food, especially any source of milk.

Then I saw a mouse. Leaving it’s nest. It also had some babies. It would have some milk. I ran forward. Catching it, after only a small struggle. I killed it this time, and made sure it was dead. Picking it up in my jaws, I started to carry it back to our little hideout.

On my way I heard Sweetwater screaming. “Tornado!!! HELP!!!!” I dropped my mouse, and ran towards the voice. I reached a cliff. Not very big, but enough to kill a young kit, or pup, like Sweetwater and I.

I looked timidly over the edge. I saw Sweetwater. Hanging on to a small ledge. “Tornado! Help me! I can’t hold on!” I gasped. I put one paw on the rock face, to try and climb down to her. As soon as I put any weight on the paw, it slipped.

I leaned back. I couldn’t climb down there without falling. I looked around me. I saw a human trap. The steel jaws that would clamp around your leg, and not let you go till the Two-Legs came and got you.

I walked up to it. Moaning nervously. I slowly moved my hind-leg towards it. Once just above the ground, I closed my eyes, and slammed my foot down on the metallic bar running across the ground. The trigger for the jaws. The jaws slammed on my leg. I yowled in agony. My leg was now broken.

I grabbed the trap with my forepaws, and started dragging it over to the cliff-edge. “Hold on, Sweetwater!” I called. I heard her whimper. Once the trap was hanging over the edge of the cliff, (I was barely holding on to the edge of the cliff now)

I leaped off. I screamed as the trap stopped moving. Jerking my fall to a painful halt. My eyes were watering, as I stretched my forepaws down. “Grab on!” I called to Sweetwater. She looked at me with a shocked expression, then grabbed onto my forepaw with her jaws, and I started using my two working legs, to scramble backwards, up the cliff.

“Use your paws! Help me climb up!” She twitched her ear in acknowledgement. She moved her hind-paws, and started climbing. I also climbed as best I could. Eventually, I reached back, and grabbed the edge of the cliff with my fore-paw. I let my hindleg free itself, and now I was hanging by my fore-paw. I started to pull myself up. Kicking with my one backleg, and having Sweetwater help too.

Eventually, I scrambled up. I turned and grabbed Sweetwater’s scruff, and pulled her up too. Then I collapsed. Twisting my caught leg to do so, made me cry. Sweetwater looked at my leg, and gasped. She walked over to it, and started working to get it free.

Eventually, the jaws snapped open. I used my forepaw to my leg out, then gently lay it on the ground. “Sweetwater..” I whispered. “I can’t move my leg..” She looked at the leg worriedly. “The trap must have snapped the bone… Here, we need to get that braced.” I tilted my head. “Braced?” She found some generally straight sticks, then used a sharp rock like a nail-file, to make them conform to my leg. Then she got some cobweb. TONES of cobweb. Placing my leg gently between the sticks, she started wrapping the webs around the sticks.

It became so sticky, and gooey, the sticks could barely move. Then she blew slowly on the webs. They shriveled from the warm moister in her breath, and grew tighter on the sticks. Then as the moister cooled, the webs hardened, and became kind of like a crust. Locking the sticks in place, around my broken leg. I watched with wide eyes.

“How did you know to do this?” She smiled. “My father taught me. In case I broke a bone while I was out here.” I smiled. “He taught you well.” She giggled.

Helping me to my feet, she let me lean on her shoulder, and we walked back to the little hole. I grabbed my mouse, and we headed inside. Curled up around each other, We shared the mouse. She drank the milk, then I tried my hand at tiny, tiny bites of it.

She watched me with a confused expression. “Don’t you like the mouse?” I shook my head. “No. I hate it. You see, I’m too young to eat it. I can barely chew it. My teeth aren’t strong enough. It’ll taste better to me, when I’m older. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less nutritious for me.” I laughed.

She smiled, and lay her head down. The mouse ended up being more of a meal for me then I expected. I had allot left for the next day.

The next day I woke up, and the pain had really set in on my leg. I groaned. Sweetwater woke up. “You okay?” I sighed. “Yeah. My leg hurts.”

She looked at me sympathetically “come on. We should get going.” I nodded. Slowly, I got to my feet. Sweetwater did the same. She let me lean on her, as we walked on. The walk was hard, especially sense I was constantly hopping to avoid putting weight, or pressure on my leg.

We had gone a long, when we saw something large, in the distance. Heading towards it, we saw it was a warrior’s camp. Suddenly, a warrior slipped out of the camp, she had a golden pelt, with white markings. She started heading towards us. Though the warrior did not see us.

Sweetwater gasped, and ran behind a rock. I stumbled forwards, unable to keep my balance. I tripped and fell at the warriors paws. Suddenly my exhaustion from the past two months caught up with me. I just lay there. “Can you help us please?”

The warrior looked at me with a shocked expression. She gently picked me up, and started carrying me towards the camp.

Sweetwater peered out from behind her rock. She gasped as she saw me being carried away. “TORNADO!” She cried. She rushed after me.

A different warrior intercepted her. Cream colored, with pink markings. “Woah, young one! I don’t think I’ve seen you around anywhere. Are you of CloudClan?”

Sweetwater shook her head vigorously. “N..No…” “Well, you’re a fox pup, aren’t you? If you had parents, they would be around here, wouldn’t they. I’ve never heard of a Pack-fox to abandon their pup before though. You poor thing. Come with me into LightningClan.”

Sweetwater pricked her ears. “A..A clan?..S..Sure..” The golden warrior was coming back out of the camp after leaving me with the leader, Rootstar. A silver tom with dark orange spots.

The cream warrior looked up at the golden warrior as she exited the camp. “Hey, Goldshimmer. Do you think this young pup should be accepted as a member of LightningClan?” Goldshimmer nodded. “Yes, Rosestar.”

I didn’t see her for a long time after that. Only after 6 moons later, at a gathering, as Tornadopaw of CloudClan. The newest apprentice in the clan.

Chapter 2:
It turned out, Goldshimmer was deputy. I spent my days with CloudClan. And then it's leader, Rootstar, made me an apprentice. "From now on, until she receives her warrior name, she will be known as Tornadopaw."

The clans chanted my new name; "Tornadopaw! Tornadopaw!" Soon, the leader of LightningClan, Rosestar, retired to the elder's den. She could not lead her clan due to illness. The deputy, Dapplewing, became leader. This, would change my life, forever.

I watched Dapplestar exit her den. I ran up to her. “Dapplestar!” I called. She looked at me. “I wanna join LightningClan. Am I allowed?” She smiled. “Yes, but you need Rootstar’s approval.” I nodded, and ran to his den. “Rootstar. I want to join LightningClan. Dapplestar has said yes, but I’m waiting for your approval

He stared at me. “Okay. But this is not allowed beyond now.” I nodded, and informed Dapplestar. She smiled at me. “Okay then.” She padded up onto the High-Rock. “StarClan has lead Tornadopaw down a different path from CloudClan. She has decided to live in LightningClan. Rootstar, and I accept, so from now on, you shall be known as Tornadopaw, of LightningClan! Her mentor shall be Moonflame.” I smiled at my name. Then I heard my mentor’s. My heart leaped. I had grown to love Moonflame. And now she was my mentor?! My eyes sparkled. Then the clan began to chant.

“Tornadopaw! Tornadopaw!”
I smiled. And after the chanting was over, I went to my den, and fell asleep. I woke from my den. “Second day as an apprentice.” I though, getting to my paws. I sighed as I noticed another spot on my shoulder. I shrugged, and left the den, stretching. Cheetahdapple walked up to me. “You Moonflame, Fawnpaw, and Blueclaw are going on a border patrol. Your leaving now.” I smiled “Thank you!”

I ran to catch up with my patrol. Moonflame sighed. “Today..” She began. “…We are going to the No name border. No clans live there, and we are making sure no loners move in. Understand?” I nodded vigorously. She smiled vaguely at me. “Come on!” And she lead us off. I smiled at Fawnpaw. “we’re gonna do great.” I laughed. She smiled “I bet we are!” I broke into a run. Fawnpaw chased after me, and we ran far ahead of the rest of the patrol. Fawnpaw skidded to a halt and panted “I can’t run like you.” She gasped. “I’ll stay with the patrol.”

I nodded to her, and dashed ahead. Suddenly, Something leaped at me, and I was forced to fight.

Chapter 3:
I scrambled away from my attacker. A white tom with blue eyes. He snarled, and leaped me again, I clawed at his face, and then he ran off. I chased after him. Easily keeping up with him. Suddenly I realized that I wasn’t in LightningClan territory. I was in no one’s territory. The tom turned to me. His eyes seemed softer then when he had been attacking me. And I suddenly felt secure around him. I tilted my head gently. “Who are you?” I asked. “I’m Littlepaw.” He responded. His voice tickled me. I smiled at him. “I’m Tornadopaw.” “Tornadopaw.” He repeated. “I like that name.”

My eyes grew wide. “Really?” He smiled at me “Come. I wanna show you something.” I followed him. “So, what clan are you from?” I asked him. “I’m from EclipseClan.” He said. “I’m from LightningClan.” I responded. He lead me into a tunnel. I followed him. “Isn’t EclipseClan a while from here?” I asked. “Yep. I wanted to leave my territory for once, without breaking any rules.” He turned to me, and smiled. “Close your eyes.” I laughed and did as he said. I felt his tail drape over my shoulders, and start to lead me. I began to follow him. Until I felt more space around me. “Open your eyes.” He laughed I did. And I was amazed. It was beautiful. I was in a cavern. Deep inside a cave. What little light there was, making the crystals that lined the walls. I gasped, and walked into the middle.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it?” I nodded.

Sense then, we met there every night. Playing games, and pretending to give each other warrior names. We did this for moons. And I managed never to tell anyone, that I was going somewhere out of the territory with this cat, from another clan.

It had been a few weeks. We were at the cave. And I was listening to him chatter. Suddenly I realized something. “Littlepaw, I love you.” I said suddenly.

Chapter 4:
He stopped his chatter, and turned to me. “Tornadopaw. I have been waiting for you to say this. I love you too.” I purred, and we hugged. “We will meet here for the rest of our lives.” I said whimsically “So that we can see, each other.” He added. He licked my nose, and I licked his chin. And we just sat there, staring at the crystals.

It had been moons sense we admitted we loved each other. I was more of a warrior now, and less of a kit. I left my den, for my nightly meeting with Littlepaw. I rushed to the cave, and entered its glory. I waited only moments for Littlepaw. I heard vigorous panting. And Littlepaw rushed into the den. “I have something to tell you.” He gasped. I tilted my head. “Yeah?” “First of all, I got my warrior name a few nights ago. I am now known as Littleleap.” I smiled “Congratulations.” He smiled vaguely “my leader is sick. She is on her last life, so she’s gonna die soon. So, now that I am eligible, I killed him. I killed Rashheart.” I gasped “you WHAT?!” I howled. “YOU CAN’T KILL A CAT!” I wailed. “And, there’s more….” Littleleap whispered fearfully. “… Goosestar has chosen me as her deputy. Possibly the next time you see me, I could be Littlestar.” I snarled and clawed his face. “You scoundrel!” I hissed. Running out of the den. I ran straight to the EclipseClan camp. “Goosestar! Goosestar!” I wailed. Goosestar appeared. She saw me and padded down. “Yes, Tornadopaw? What is it?” I looked up at her worriedly. “Littleleap. He killed Rashheart. He murdered him to BECOME deputy!” I blurted it all out. Littleleap appeared in the camp.

Goosestar stared at him. “EclipseClan awake!” Soon the entire clan was awake. “Littleleap, the deputy of this clan, is a murderer. He killed Rashheart.” She turned to Littleleap. “I’m letting you off easy.” She snarled. “You are exiled for the murder of EclpiseClan’s Deputy, Rashheart. Please leave, or my ruling will be moved to execution.”

Chapter 5:
Littleleap stared grudgingly at me, and left the camp. I looked back at Goosestar. She smiled at me and said. “You should be getting back to your clan now.”

I nodded, and left the camp. Running back to my own clan, I went into my den, and tried to pretend it was a dream. But it was all too real. I awoke the next day, and my heart was low. I hunted, and sat by the river, but nothing helped. Even Moonflame seemed concerned. That night, I left the camp, and slowly headed to her, and Littleleap’s old meeting place. Suddenly a feeling made me, stop dead. “Hello? Who’s out there?” I murmured. My voice cracking in terror. Suddenly Littleleap jumped into view. “Tornadopaw...” I stopped him. “Littleleap, I have nothing to say to you!” I hissed.

I almost trailed off. His gaze was so nervous. So confused. So... Kittish. My eyes grew wide, and soft, I sat down to listen to what he had to say. Remembering my anger, I said, “Make it snappy!” He smiled at me, and sat down too. “Tornadopaw, I wanna say, I’m sorry. I... I was talking with him, and, and..... It just happened. I... I... Couldn’t... Before I.... Knew what was going on... It just. My paws just.... Slipped, almost.”

I was swept away by the love that had swept me away ever night in the past. My old mate’s gleaming crystal blue eyes. The glow mine would never have. I remembered my old love for him, and my heart ached for more. “I forgive you.” I said sweetly. “And we can be mates again?” I smiled. “Yes.” He purred, and licked me. I purred and licked his chin. As we used to do.

“I’ve GOTTA receive my warrior name soon. Then we may be mates. See you tomorrow night?” He nodded. We both purred, as we separated from each other. I thought about where Littleleap might stay. I twitched my ear. I guessed that he would find somewhere. I couldn’t do anything more for him tonight.

The next morning, I was awoken by Dapplestar’s yowl “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather here for a Clan Meeting.” I sighed. Reminding myself, that I could catch my own prey. Getting to my shaky paws, I padded out, and found a seat at the back of the clan. Although an anxious heart made me energetic. “Tornadopaw, please come forward.” Dapplestar looked at me. I jumped at my name. Looking at her as if expecting an order. I realized, that she had called me, and.... I was gonna receive my warrior’s name today! I quickly got to my paws, and padded up to her. I sat down next to her, and listened. What was my new name? “......This apprentice has worked hard to understand, and obey your noble code. Therefore by the power invested in me, Dapplestar, as leader of LightningClan, give this apprentice her warrior name. Tornadopaw, from this point on, you shall be known as Tornadostorm. Warrior of LightningClan.”

Chapter 6:
I was so happy! Tornadostorm was a beautiful name! I scanned my clan mates. Moonflame didn’t look very pleased. She only looked slightly prideful. And, I had a feeling it wasn’t in me. I got to my paws as I heard Dapplestar say “Meeting dismissed. Tornadostorm will hold vigil tonight, in honor of her new name” I gulped. Vigil? But, I need to tell Littleleap! Then I remembered that one night, he hadn’t shown up. He must have received his name that day. I padded down, and was instantly swarmed by congratulators.

I spent all that night, thinking about Littleleap, and how excited he will be when I tell him that I had my name!

The next morning, I watched the sun peak over the trees, and was talking with a kit. Her name was Silverkit. Suddenly Dapplestar called a meeting. Silverkit looked excited, I guessed that is was her apprentice ceremony. “From now on, she shall be known as Silverpaw. Apprentice of LightningClan. Now to name her mentor. Tornadostorm. Will you come forward?” I gasped. Had she called me? I padded up to her. I only thought about training Silverpaw, as Dapplestar told me what traits to pass on. I just nodded. “I will try.” I murmured. Touching my nose with Silverpaw.

That night, I was first to appear in our meeting place. I saw Littleleap’s eyes. “Tornadopaw! There you are! Why didn’t you come last night?” I smiled. “Because I was sitting vigil.” He tilted his head curiously. “Who died.” I laughed “No silly! I got my new name! I’m Tornadostorm now. And I have an apprentice. Silverpaw.” His eyes shown. Gleaming bright in the dim crystal light. “Oh my gosh! Congratulations!” I smiled happily. “We’re mates now.” He whispered. “Yes. We are.” I answered. “Secret, mates.” He smiled at me. I laughed, and we nuzzled

A few days later, I was feeling horribly sick. I went to Lilypelt’s den, for some herbs that would help. She did much more then I expected. She kept feeling my stomach, and thumbing through her herbs. “What is it?” I said finally. She walked up to me happily. “You’re gonna have kits!” She laughed.

Chapter 7:
I looked at her shocked. “What?” “Two at the least, which I know of.” She smiled. I just stared at her, the scowled. “Tell no one. Okay? NO ONE!” She nodded, though still smiling.

I would tell Littleleap THAT night! I decided. I ran to our meeting place. Littleleap was already there. “Hello Tornadostorm.” He smiled at me. I glared at him. “I have something really important to tell you.” she hissed. Littleleap tilted his head. “I’m gonna have kits. OUR kits!” He looked shocked “Really?” I unsheathed my claws. “Why would I joke about this?” He walked over to me, and licked me. “Don’t worry Tornadostorm. This is a beautiful place to raise kits. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Accept that you are not from LightningClan!” I yowled. “We CAN’T be mates, and we especially CAN’T have kits!” He sat next to me. “Everything will be okay.” I sighed leaning on him “Will it be okay?” I asked worriedly. “I will make sure it is.” He promised.

About a moon passed. And I was surprised at how well I had been able to hide the fact that I was soon to be a mother. But I had felt horrible all day. And even Lilypelt seemed concerned. I didn’t go to meet Littleleap that day. I was too sick. And the next day was no better. It was only worse. I made myself see Littleleap, to tell him I couldn’t see him until this passed.

After I gave him the news. He seemed worried about me. “Why don’t you stay here?” He begged. “Because I don’t want my clan suspicious, and there, I have a medicine-cat to watch over me. Littleleap, once this passes, I will meet you every night as usual. “ He sighed. “Okay. Now, let me help you back to your clan.” I allowed him to help me to the edge of my territory. And I went alone from there.

I felt horrible for the next few weeks. Fever, terrible weakness, stomach cramps and sickness, and blurriness of vision. Other symptoms are like the symptoms of a bad head cold.

I was in the Warrior’s den one day, when I felt a terrible pain in my stomach. I howled in agony. Littleleap came running. “Tornadostorm, what’s wrong?” “My stomach! My kits! Check on my kits!” I hissed. She did. And her face looked very sad. “I only feel one now.” I sighed. I had lost at least two, due to this sickness. I unsheathed my claws. “I will do everything in my power, to keep this one alive.” I moaned. She nodded. “I’ll help you.”

After a few weeks of constant worry about my one surviving kit. My sickness had passed days ago. And I was completely over it. I was meeting Littleleap again. Had been for about 10 days.

I was sitting in the crystal cave. Looking at it all with Littleleap. He smiled at me. I felt a since of pain. Throbbing, throbbing gone. I lay down gently. He looked at me worriedly. “Just a little pain.” I murmured. Only a minute later, I felt it again. “My kit is coming!” I gasped.

Chapter 8:
He looked shocked.

A few minutes later. I was looking at a beautiful little girl; she was a dark brown tabby with violet eyes. “How about Dewkit?” Littleleap asked me. I smiled. “Dew, or Dewkit. I like that.” I turned to him. “Should I reveal her to the clan? And have her live there with me? Or should she stay with you, and live like a loner?” He looked at me. “The clan would kill us all. It is safer for everyone, if she stays with me.” So it was decided, that my daughter would be Dew, and she would live the life of a loner.

I stared longingly at her. “What am I going to do?” Littleleap tilted his head at me. “Go back to your camp. No one knows you’ve had a litter.” I nodded, and turned to my kit. “I love you.” I purred. I watched as Dew flipped onto her back. “I love so much Dew. Maybe one day, you will join LightningClan with me.” I purred and nuzzled her soft brown fur.

“I will never forget you. I love you.” I licked her, and slowly, very slowly, turned, and padded away from everything I loved. I was sure, that Littleleap would find someone to nurse her. He would tell me if he couldn’t. I sighed as I entered my clan camp. Looking exhausted, and forlorn Moonflame padded up to me. Looking cheerful for once sense my warrior ceremony, and I got Silverpaw as my apprentice. Who’s training I had passed on to her, and would take back now.

“Wanna hunt?” Moonflame asked. “Just me and you?” The idea was tempting. I smiled. “Yes. Come on! Let’s go.” She led me to a good place near the no cat’s land border. The bushes rustled. Moonflame dropped into the hunter’s crouch, and stalked it. The scent of mouse drew over my lips as I watched, making my mouth water. Moonflame was close enough to leap into the bush. I heard something over my head, and looked. There was the mouse. Something was wrong... I realized, it wasn’t prey in the bush. “Moonflame!” I hissed. But it was too late. The loner leaped out of the bush, and ruthlessly, attacked Moonflame.

I snarled, and leaped, but mid-leap, something hit me in my side. Skidding across the floor, I saw my attacker. Another loner. I got to my paws, and snarled. But before I could leap, I saw three more cats, appear out of the rocks and bushes. I gasped. It was an invasion. My original opponent leaped at me. I was ready. And we tussled. The cats split up. Glancing, I saw that Moonflame had finally managed to free herself from the first loner’s grip.

But her situation was bleak. She was tired from that attack, and she had two of the three other attackers surrounding her. I broke away from my opponent, and tried to help. But the one I wasn’t attacking. The one of the three that wasn’t fighting Moonflame, leaped at me, and knocked me over. Winded, I watched, as one of that cats leaped at Moonflame. Grabbing her throat, he started to slash her belly. She was yowling in agony. But I was too stunned to move.

And even if I could, my attacker was on me again. I shoved him off, and ran to Moonflame, just as she went limp in her attacker’s jaws.

Chapter 9:
I knew I had no chance; 5, against 1? I turned tail, and ran. I couldn’t risk my life like that. Not when Dew had been born that day. I ran straight into the LightningClan camp, and jumped on the High-Rock.

“Cats of both clans. I have grave news. As some of you know, I was just hunting with Moonflame. A group of 5 loners attacked us. They killed Moonflame. I looked at her apprentice Scissorpaw. “I am sorry to everyone who was close to her.” I sighed. My heart aching. “And everyone who knew her. This is a terrible loss, and I shall try to recover her body, as soon as possible.” And I jumped down. Cats started murmuring to themselves. I went straight to my den, and sobbed.

“This was all my fault.” I moaned mentally. “Why did I ever agree to hunt with her? Why didn’t I help her?” I tortured myself. The next morning, I left before dawn, and ran to Littleleap, and Dew. I wasn’t willing to see my clan grieve. He saw me and ran up to me. “Tornadostorm, what’s wrong?” I glanced at him. Beginning to sob again. “Moonflame is dead!” Shock rang through his gaze. I continued. “And I can’t bear to see my clan grieve!” I collapsed there. crouched beside me. Dew walking up beside him.

“Mommy, what’s wrong?” I took a deep breath. “Nothing, sweetie.” I panted. I licked her. Littleleap licked me. “Come to my den, and stay with us for a while.” I smiled at his offer, and took it. I stayed with him, and Dew, as a loner, for two weeks. I thought one night. “I’ve gotta return to my clan soon. They probably think I’m dead.” I sighed. I looked at Dew. She was young, and innocent. But her body was getting bigger stronger. She would be a strong cat one day.

I got to my paws. Dew’s eyes opened. “Mommy?” She asked. Getting to her paws. “Mommy's gonna have to leave soon.” I murmured solemnly. “Her clan needs her.” Dew’s eyes grew wide at the prospect of losing me. I smiled. “Everything will be okay, Dew.” She looked longingly at me “Mama, no!” I walked over, and licked the young kit's shoulders. “You’d be a great warrior, one day.” I purred. “Mama, I wanna stay with you!” I thought about it. Probably not safe. Even now. I sighed a deep sigh. “No.” I murmured finally.

I saw her look at me with a tear streaking her cheek “Mama... No..” She smiled. Her violet eyes twinkling with tears. I smiled “You'll be great” After telling Littleleap, I left, and headed back to LightningClan. They were really happy to see me. They had been worried about me. A few moons later, early one morning, I was asleep in my den, when I awoke to the sound of battle yowls. I quickly got to my paws, and rushed out. CloudClan and LightningClan were fighting!

Chapter 10:
No, every cat in those two clans, were fighting against everyone else! I gasped and rushed forward. I tried to separate the cats, but only got caught up in the fighting.

I howled in agony as a claw slashed painfully deep over my bad eye. Snarling, I leaped at him. It was Shadowdragon. I whipped around, to face my attacker, slashing with dangerous claws. Until, the cats started splitting into four. all fighting each other, and snarling at the other groups. I was caught up in one. I looked around me wild-eyed. Suddenly I heard a random cat yowl “RETREAT!” It was Echospirit. She wasn’t a leader. Why was she calling retreat? Suddenly, one of the four groups left. The one next to ours.

Then I heard Rootstar yowl “RETREAT! CLOUDCLAN RETREAT!” Not all the members of CouldClan retreated. Only the cats in the group he was caught up in, followed him away from the battle. Suddenly, I heard Dapplestar say “You don’t belong here scum! Get out!” A leader like snarl sounded from one of us, then, to my surprise, Goldshimmer yowled. “RETREAT! LET’S GO!” I decided to listen to her, with the rest of the cats in my group, and followed our little rebel clan away from the LightningClan camp.

Goldshimmer led us to a good clearing, with a pile of rocks in the middle. She jumped onto those rocks, and called the cats together. I sat at the base of the rocks. Looking up at Goldshimmer for an explanation of what had happened. “The clans of two, have split into four. Apparently, Echospirit has decided to lead her clan. I have decided to lead this one. Now, first of all, we need a name.” The cats all looked at each other. I examined the cats. Looking to see who was a part of my clan.

Pheonixflame spoke up. “What about StormClan? It’s a strong name.” Goldshimmer seemed impressed. “Yes. StormClan it is.” I looked around the clearing, how could this be our camp? I turned my gaze again to Goldshimmer. “Tonight, I will receive my nine lives, and my name of Goldstar. As I suppose Echospirit will do.” She sighed.

We spent the rest of the day, building our camp. Pheonixflame had some medical experience, so she chose to be Medicine-Cat. The next day, we were all sleeping under trees. My back was stiff from the pain of the roots. I got to my paws, and padded out. Goldshimmer was trotting towards the rocks. She leaped on them, and I approached her. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather here for a clan meeting.” The first time I had heard those words out of her mouth.

“Last night, I received my lives. I am now known as Goldstar.” The clan chanted her name. “And as leader, I will need a deputy.” She looked around the cats. “Pebblestream. Will you do the honors?” Pebblestream smiled. “I will.” She padded up to Goldstar. “Pebblestream, is our new deputy. This clan might thrive after all.”

The clan chanted her name too. Later, we received news that Echospirit had made herself leader. And now, she was Echostar, and she called her rebels, RainClan. I wasn’t very happy with the sudden rivalry between all the clans. And the other clans had made it clear, that deserters, that returned, would NOT be welcome. The clans were rivals now.

It wasn’t much longer that we got news that Rootstar was very ill. And that he wasn’t going to live long. I thought about Ashcloud. I believed that she was ready to become Ashstar. And I was right. Once Rootstar died, Ashstar took over, and started doing amazing things with her clan. I know now, that all the clans, are thriving.

Chapter 11:
I fought back tears. My clan was defenseless, and had no more dignity sense Goldstar was attacked, and went insane. Resulting in her resigning her commission as Leader.

I took a deep breath. Tensions were high between the clans right now. 

Pebblestar hadn't accepted the position, so StormClan had been the target of some snappy remarks. Dreamheart jolted me out of my thoughts as she approached with a soft murrow, licking her lips after some fresh kill. I looked at her pleadingly, having pulled my gaze away from a discussion between a group of warriors about the fate of StormClan. I had been involved, but needed to step away for a bit and calm down. "Hey, what if we merge the clans?" I opened my mouth to argue, but found nothing. "It's a good idea." I sighed. The need to argue ebbing.

"I'll talk to Swirlstar." Dreamheart said nodding. Yes. Swirlstar. Ashstar had made the snap decision to make her leader just before she died of green cough. She was proving to be a very good leader. But somehow, deep in a place in my heart, I still missed Rootstar, of my youth. I watched Dreamheart trot off. Murmuring to herslef about how shocked she was that we had liked the idea. Apparently, Fawnwillow had agreed too.

Suddenly, Cheetahstar rushed into the camp. "StormClan! LightningClan is under attack! We need your assistance!" I got to my paws. "Silverpaw!" I called my apprentice. "Ready for your first battle?" Her eyes lit up. "Yes, Tornadostorm!" She turned, and chased Cheetahstar out of the camp. I followed her. This would be a good chance to prove her worthiness to become a Warrior.

I sped up, to catch up with my apprentice. "Silverpaw! Wait for me!" She looked over her shoulder. Smiling.... That's the last time I saw her alive.

Chapter 12:
10 minutes had passed sense StormClan had followed Cheetahstar to battle. I was surrounded by claws. All slashing at my pelt. Not an instant went by that I didn't feel their sharp sting. I reared as a fox leaped for my throat. Yes. Foxes. And shockingly, cats, and wolves too

I felt claws slashing deep into my stomach. At that moment. For one instant, I thought I was gonna die. Flashes of Dew, Littleleap, Moonflame, Ripplekit, Dapplethrush, and my father... Whom I never learned the name of, hit my mind like a stone. I shook myself, as I collapsed to the ground. Instantly covered by foxes.

I slashed and clawed. Getting to my paws. Feeling my stinging legs shake under my weight. I looked around. Suddenly, I heard Silverpaw's familiar yowl for help. I didn't even take the time to pin-point her location. I bolted. Using my ears to find her agonized yowls. I ran towards her. "Silverpaw!" I screamed.

I got there just in time to see the blow that killed her. A grey cat's claw slashed her throat. Her eyes grew wide. You could barely see her pupils. "Silvepaw!" I yowled. I leaped at the claw. Silverpaw hit the ground. Her eyes slowly closed. "NNNOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed.

Shock, pain, rage, and the strongest sorrow I had felt sense Moonflame's death, flowed through me in a second. I leaped, and my claws slashed the cat that killed Silverpaw. She collapsed. Very similar to Silverpaw. Except she was alive. I crouched. My small tears became a sob. I sobbed for what felt like forever, but what was only about thirty seconds.

Cheetahstar ran over to me. Nudging my head. "Tornadostorm?! Are you okay?!" She asked "I'm fine." I whispered. Barely holding back my tears. I sat up. "That wound looks pretty bad." I looked at my side. I saw a rather deep gash on my side. Cheetahstar helped me up.

Only now did I see the multiple scratches that littered my best friend. One had slit her nose. And another barely missed her eye. And yet another slashed her ear. I guessed that I looked even worse.

I leaned on her gratefully as she lead me away from the battle scene. My heart lurched when I saw Silverpaw's body. I cried a tear, and looked away. Cheetahstar lay her muzzle on mine. I stumbled a lot on the journey. But I didn't feel my stubbed toes. Only my scratches, and the pain in my heart.

It was only a week later, that Pebblestar made the official order to abandon camp, for CloudClan territory. It didn't take long for us to get settled in their camp, and I became Tornadostorm of CloudClan. Probably the most loss stricken cat in the clan.

Chapter 13:
It had been a while sense I joined CloudClan. Several moons, in fact. And yet, I was having memories of those times, when StormClan was being booted out of their camp. I twitched my ear. An annoyed scowl on my face as I watched the conversation between the small group of warriors from all three clans. Including Echostar, and Sunfeather.

"CloudClan's got barely any warriors, and a leader, who can handle a much bigger clan. And RainClan's got barely any leadership, and warriors who deserve better! RainClan should merge with CloudClan!" Fawnwillow spouted, almost in one breath. Both Echostar, and Sunfeather's heads lowered. "Yes, we know that we haven't been that great of leadership. And we're ready to give up the clan, if that's what's best." Fawnwillow scowled. "So your ready to go through with the merge?" Echostar's head rose. She seemed hurt. "If we have to."

I felt ready to burst with anger. Maybe it was because of what had happened to StormClan? Maybe it was because I could never believe that LightningClan could understand, and yet, they had such a big influence? I did not know, but I couldn't bare to listen anymore. My pelt bristling, I turned around to walk away.

As I was about to leave, Whitefeather, a young warrior of RainClan, lifted her head. "Hey, Tornadostorm, you OK?" My tail lashed wildly, but I took a deep breath, and turned around. "Yeah, I'm fine." She tilted her head. "But you haven't seemed your cheery self lately." I closed my eyes. Forcing my fur flat. "I don't know. I guess I just think that I've seen this before. With StormClan. And I don't want RainClan to go through that."

Fawnwillow blinked at me. "It's just a clan. It's just a name. No one is actually leaving." 'Deja vu.' I murmured under my breath. "Look, I don't think LightningClan understands quite yet. They have always been strong, and been popular. They have never had to go through this before. You get attached to the clan your in." Fawnwillow's gaze softened. "I do understand." She whispered. My gaze too, softened. But I still felt the same emotions inside. "No. You can never understand." And I turned. Walking away. I didn't want to be a part of this. I would not be caught up in the destruction of RainClan.

That was the night they agreed to merge. The night RainClan was destroyed. Each choose which of the two remaining clans they would have. Allot of my friends in RainClan, chose to move into CloudClan. We greeted them wholeheartedly.

Chapter 14:
It was a nice day out, so Swirlstar had chosen to send out a few extra hunting patrols. I was on one of them. With Blossomberry, Whitefeather, Mistystream, and Cherrypaw. Who had all chosen CloudClan, after RainClan despersed. I took my first step into the sunlight of a clearing. Then stopped, and lifted my nose to scent the air. I smelled mouse, over near some shrubs. So, lowering myself down, to the ground, I began to stalk it. The rest of the patrol stopped to watch, and scent the air themselves.

I got within range, and leaped forward. Landing on top of the little creature. and quickly killing it. I carried it back into the clearing. Listening as my clanmates congratulated me on my catch. I buried it next to a large tree, with a spindly branch. I looked, up, and watched as the patrol split up to do their own hunting. I turned around, hoping to scent more prey around the area. I scented something completely different. I followed my nose, to the base of a large tree. With a small dip in the ground, going under one of the roots. I crouched, and peered in. Seeing three tiny pairs of eyes gleaming back at me with frightened expressions.

I stood back. Murmuring softly "Come on out. You're alright. It's safe." Slowly they stepped into the open. Three kits. A dust brown kit, a chocolate brown kit, with white spots, and tail-tip, and one white kit, with black spots, and tail-tip. All three, she-cats. I gently picked up the chocolate brown one by the scruff of her neck. She mewed in protest at first, then she calmed down. The other two followed me, worried about the kit I was carrying.

I her down in the middle of the clearing, and the others rushed to her side. "Hey, guys look at this." I purred softly. Whitefeather, and Blossomberry came trotting back from the bushes. Their ears pricking as they saw the little bundles at my paws. "I found them by one of the large trees by the Shrub Wall." I explained. The two she-cats examined the kits. "They look like they journeyed a long way to get here." Blossomberry whispered. "We should take them back to our camp." I nodded, and I picked up the she-kit I had been holding before, and headed back to our camp. Blossomberry picked up the white, and black kit, and Whitefeather picked up the dust-brown kit, and followed me.

Once we dropped off the kits, we went to rejoin Mistystream, and Cherrypaw in the hunting patrol. We only stayed out for another few minutes, as we had already been out for a while. We carried our prey back to the camp, and when we got there, we heard that
The dust brown kit, and the brown kit with white spots, and tail-tip chose CloudClan, with the names Dimondkit, and Deerkit. And the white kit chose LightningClan, with the name Islandkit.

Chapter 15:
"AHHA! I THINK I'VE GOT IT!" Deerkit exclaimed excitedly. I burst into laughter. "Almost, Deerkit. Almost." I laughed. Deerkit's ears drooped. "Awe!" Then she leaped forward, and tackled my paw. "Whoa!" I said in an exaggerate gasp, and I fell over. Deerkit leaped onto my belly, and started nipping playfully at my fur. "Noo!" I squealed happily.

I rolled onto my paws in a way that wouldn't squish the kit. It had been several moons now, sense Deerkit joined the clan. She was now 6 moons old. For those moons, I had been getting close to Deerkit. And the two of us were getting to like each other. I batted at the kit with gentle paws. She dodged my first two attacks, and was barely hit by the the third, and was slammed by the fourth. She laughed, as she flopped onto her back

I sat up. Looking at her with shimmering eyes. Deerkit looked back at me. Her own eyes shining. "I really like you Tornadostorm." She purred. I laughed, and whispered "so do I." Suddenly we heard. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather beneath this ledge, for a clan meeting!" It was Swirlstar's voice. I looked over my shoulder, then started making my way towards her. Not expecting the kit to follow.

But suddenly, she dashed ahead of me. I pricked my ears in interest. "Her apprentice ceremony?" I thought my tail raising in interest. I sat next to Crystalstream, who looked up at Swirlstar with expectant eyes. "Or maybe it has something to do with Crystalstream, or..Diamondkit?" The two of them were getting pretty close, and Dimondkit was also 6 moons old. I wouldn't be surprised if Crystalstream had asked Swirlstar for Diamondkit's apprentice ceremony.

"But then.." I was cut off by Swirlstar "Deerkit has grown to the age of 6 moons, and is ready for her apprentice ceremony. From now on, she will be known as Deerpaw..." "So it IS Deerkit's ceremony" I thought. "..Tornadostorm.." I lifted my head, as I heard my name. Snapped out of my thoughts. "Your previous apprentice, Silverpaw, died before she could become a warrior. So I'm sure you will be pleased to raise Deerpaw to that rank, as her mentor. Pass your skill to her." I looked at Swirlstar wide-eyed. Then I nodded. "I will, Swirlstar." Then, I walked up to her, and we touched noses. "Congrats" I whispered in her ear. She purred. "Thank you."

Deerpaw, was now my apprentice.

Chapter 16:
''NOOOO!!!!!!! Don't go!' 'I must. I will leave soon, be prepared.' 'You can't! You can't leave me!' 'Mommy? What's wrong?' 'I'm sorry, goodbye.''

I jumped with a start. My dreams of Littleleap, and Dew had been growing more vivid. I wanted to see them again... One last time.

Mistystream lifted her head as I walked past her nest, and in a sleepy voice said "where are you going? Did I send you on a dawn patrol?" I shook my head to the young deputy. (That's right, deputy.... Let me explain what happened...

Froststar, and Pebblestream had been hunting together, when they stumbled across a badger's nest. The mother badger wasn't too happy at the cats' presence, and they were forced to fight. It wasn't a fight they could win, and news didn't reach the camps in time. Both cats died. Froststar loosing all of her lives.

Fawnstar (Previously Fawnwillow, and Froststar's old deputy) and Swirlstar chose their deputies very swiftly. Fawnstar chose Silverrose, and old an experianced warrior of LightningClan, and Swirstar chose the youthful spirit of Mistystream. A choice in whom I fully supported. There couldn't be a better choice.)

"No, you didn't, Mistystream." I said purring. "Why don't you get some rest? You've been really busy lately." Mistystream yawned, and lowered her head again. I then turned, and slipped out of the den.

Deerpaw was waiting for me at the entrance to the camp, when I left the Warrior's Den. I glanced at the beautiful young cat. 'She's just as big as me now.. Huh... Well, I have work to do first.' "Hi, Deerpaw." I greeted with a nod. her white-tipped tail shot straight up as our eyes met. "HI! Where are we training today, Tornadostorm?? I've been practicing that new move you were teaching me, I think I'm getting pretty good at it!" I laughed. "We're not training today. You deserve a beak. You've been working pretty hard this week." Deerpaw's ears dropped in disappointment. "Can we maybe train later?" I nodded. "Of course, I've just got some business to attend to." And I pushed past the young she-cat, my tail swishing across her's as I passed. I heard her trot off, and broke into a run. I hadn't seen my family sense the day Moonflamed died.

It didn't take long to reach the border. I pricked my ears. My nose flexing, as it picked up the familiar scent. I trotted forward, listening to the sound of Littleleap coming up to greet me. I looked around. It felt like it has been no time at all sense I had been here.

Suddenly a brown figure approached me. Her tail fluffed, and back-fur bristling with the intent of intimidation. I stopped, watching the figure approach. When she got close enough, and I smelled her scent across my nose, I gasped "Dew?! Is that really you?!" The young she-cat's ears pricked. She stopped and scented the air "Mom?" I approached her, and she took a step back. "Your probably here to see Dad. Come with me."

She turned and walked off. I followed, my tail-tip twitching. 'Rather serious, isn't she?' She lead me into the cave that me, and Littleleap used to always meet in. Where as we approached, I saw Littleleap emerge from the cave.

He was unchanged. His fur glistened in the light, and his eyes sparkled as he looked around. My heart jumped. A loud purr arose from my throat. "Littleleap!" I called his gaze jerked over to mine. "Tornadostorm!" I bolted towards each other, meeting in a huge hug. I felt my entire body relax, as I buried my mussel in his soft shoulder fur. Perfect as always. "I missed you so much." He whispered.

"So did I." I softly licked his cheek. Dew approached us. "Why are you here?" She growled. I could clearly hear the resentment in her tone. Littleleap wrapped his tail over my shoulder "come, we can talk further in the cave." Littleleap lead us into the cystal cave that he, and Dew had lived in sense Dew's birth.

The cave was pitch black. The sunlight, instead of lighting the beautiful crystals hidden in the cave's protective walls, shaded them in a damp mist of blackness. All we could see of each other was our eyes.

"Mom, why did you come back? I thought you were dead." My ears drooped. "I'm sorry, Dew. My clan needed me-" "-Wait!" Dew said with a snarl "you have a CLAN?" I stammered "Uh... Er... Ye...Yes?.. Yes. Their name is CloudClan, allied with LightningClan, and I am a proud warrior among their ranks." Dew scowled. "All I've heard of clans, is that their ruthless, evil, and not to be trusted. To think my mother has sunken low enough to be a part of it all!" I scowled at Littleleap, how dare he teach our daughter to hate what he, and his mate, were born into?!

Littleleap sighed. "Remember EclipseClan?" He asked. I nodded slowly "Yes.... They banished you..." "They did. But they've been having a badger problem, and sending the badgers they find down, here, to where me, and Dew are living... It's safer if we stay away from clan cats now."

I stared into the crystal eyes of the tom. My heart leaped, as I looked between the crystal blue eyes, and the violet eyes “So much has changed.” I murmured. The blue eyes nodded. “Yes. They have.” He murmured. “Why?” The violet eyes moaned. Beginning to look frightened.

“We have so much to tell you.” The crystal eyes said. I didn’t know who he was talking to. Me, or the violet eyes. The violet eyes turned to me, angrily. “WHY?” She hissed. I backed up a bit.
“Calm down.” I whispered worriedly. I straightened. “I will tell you everything.”

I updated my daughter on what had happened at her birth, and what we had chosen to do, and why. Her anger seemed to fade. And she lowered her head. "I would do the same.... Thank you, mom." I nodded licking her forehead. "I'm sorry Dew, for leaving for so long." She purred. "Me too, for thinking you'd abandoned me." "But I had.. I left you! Alone, with your father! To live the hard life of a loner!" "I know." Dew whispered. Her sleek pelt rubbing under my chin "But now, I know the reason."

I sighed in relief. "Thank you." I whispered.

I spent a good long time there. And returned just before twilight, to assist Deerpaw in her training. Not that she needed much more.

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Re: Tornadostorm's Super Sad Story; Here me talking allot about Twister's sad life? Come here and check out the details!

Post by Jewelsky on Sat Sep 21, 2013 1:38 pm

I just read this story today.
I totally ship TwisterxLittleleap </3

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Re: Tornadostorm's Super Sad Story; Here me talking allot about Twister's sad life? Come here and check out the details!

Post by Silverstar on Sat Sep 21, 2013 2:19 pm

I love this story, very well written <3


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Re: Tornadostorm's Super Sad Story; Here me talking allot about Twister's sad life? Come here and check out the details!

Post by Jewelsky on Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:55 am

I know, right? <33

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Re: Tornadostorm's Super Sad Story; Here me talking allot about Twister's sad life? Come here and check out the details!

Post by Morningkit on Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:33 pm

I just read this story. It was really good.

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Re: Tornadostorm's Super Sad Story; Here me talking allot about Twister's sad life? Come here and check out the details!

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